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No matter where you look there are any number of incredible organizations out there doing great things to help those in need. Regardless of their mission there is one common theme all of these organizations share—the need for funding.

With so many different worthy causes, the problem people have, especially in a difficult economy, is deciding what efforts they can support. In the end most people choose causes that have affected their lives directly.

At Sweatshirt Blanket we asked ourselves how can we help?

Being relatively new to the scene, we reached out to some influential mom bloggers for their opinion on our product and to help us do some good.  In March, we ran some contests where the winners not only received a sweatshirt blanket of their own, but were also asked to nominate their favorite charity to receive some customized blankets that they could use in their fundraising efforts.

We were touched by the passions the challenge evoked as we read each entry and learned of the missions of many great charitable organizations.  It inspired us to take what was started from these contests and turn it into something bigger, which is how our Spread Your Warmth campaign was born.

Creating Awareness

Through the Spread Your Warmth campaign, we will be using our blog and our product to raise awareness for the many wonderful causes out there.  Each month, we will ask the readers of our blog to help select a charitable cause or organization we have profiled to win a dozen customized sweatshirt blankets free of charge.

Plus, as a thank you for taking the time to nominate a cause, we will print an extra sweatshirt blanket with the winning organization's logo for the person who nominated them.

How It Works

We've made participating in the Spread Your Warmth campaign easy with a simple nomination form that can be found on our site.  All you have to do is complete the nomination form with as much information that you have available so that we may profile them on our blog.

For each nominated cause we will write a post about them to help raise awareness for their mission.  The blog post we create will be that charitable causes' official entry into that month's contest.  All entries posted during a particular calendar month will then be put to a vote of our blog readers, as well as Facebook and Twitter followers, to determine the winning organization.

Enter Today

We want to hear about the causes that you are passionate about no matter if they are local or national, big or small.  For April, we were privileged to profile ten worthy causes through the Spread Your Warmth campaign.

The contest for May is now open and voting for April's nominees will run through May 7th.

For more information, follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook.

Written by PJ Mullen for Sweatshirt Blanket.
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