DIY Thanksgiving Cards Kids Can Make


I remember tracing my hands to make turkeys back in elementary school.  We’d color in our fingers to make the features.  And then we’d eat some sort of Thanksgiving lunch in the cafeteria.
I loved making those turkeys.  It’s one of those quintessential holiday kid crafts, no? But I’ve never…

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DIY Striped Trick or Treat Bags

holidayskids crafts

It’s almost time for Halloween!  Which means it’s time for candy!  Which means your kids need something to carry all that loot!  Forget about those plastic pumpkin pails.  Make your own Trick or Treat bag with your child and get them involved in the pre-Halloween preparations.

Kate loves to paint

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Crafty School Binders for Personalized School Supplies


Whether you’re buying new binders or reusing binders from last year, there is no reason to show up with plain binders on the first day of school. With a few simple supplies you can make this school binder craft to transform an ordinary, inexpensive 3-ring binder into a fun and

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Decorating Brown Bags – Custom Lunch Looks any Mom Can Make!

parentingdecor & DIYclubs

Even if you only have a few extra minutes in the morning, you can create fun lunches for your child by decorating their brown paper bags with custom designs. You don’t need a pantry filled with miniature cookie cutters or gourmet bento boxes…. With a sharpie, glue stick, and

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Craft: How to Make Patriotic Cupcake Liner Decor


Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you have to create something last minute. With the Fourth of July… being only two days away, I’ve put together a super quick and easy tutorial so you can create your own big-impact decor with items that you might already have on hand.

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eBook: 180 Summer Activities


Looking for some fun activities to do this summer? We have you covered. In the 180 Summer Activities eBook, you will be inspired by all the fun ways you can connect with your family and keep boredom at bay. Whether its going on a bike ride, making cookies, or going …

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Sandpaper T-shirt Craft

craftskids crafts

This is a simple sandpaper T-shirt craft project that will keep the kids entertained this summer…. The best part about this craft, is that you can make it for under $5.00. I already had used crayons on hand, so a trip to the local dollar store and we were

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10 Summer Fun Activities

family funactivities

If I’m being honest, the last couple of summers at my house were not exactly box office hits for my oldest child. Two summers ago, my little girl was born, and last summer, I was plain and simply unprepared….  Fun was still had, but it happened amid disorganized chaos,

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Me Time: Sewing a Wallet or Credit Card Holder

craftsdecor & DIY

It’s important to set aside “me time…” during the day. There are days where my patience is running thin and things just aren’t going smoothly.  Those are the days when I need to sit down and focus on something completely different to help my mind reset.
One of

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Decorating for a Kid’s Valentine’s Day Party

family funentertainment & parties

I love holiday parties. I especially love throwing kids parties…. I get a kick out of planning everything! I’m a party person! You know what else I am? A cheap person. I am always try to be thrifty while planning out my parties! Why throw a party that you’ll

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