Craft Project: How To Make a “Hello” Spring Wreath

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It is only February, but aren't you ready for spring? This wreath will hang on your front door to welcome spring and your guests. Welcome your friends with a cheery Hello using paints from Plaid. Craft Project: How To Make a "Hello" Spring Wreath


  • Wreath form

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Kids Craft: How to Make a Paper Spring Flower Collage

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Often, the easiest and most inexpensive kids crafts projects are those that toddlers and preschool-aged children love the most. Bright colors, stickers, and flowers are the perfect combination for a fun Spring project! How to Make a Paper Spring Flower Collage


  • Colored paper
  • Paper flowers and stickers (available at

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Crocheting: Stay-Warm Ideas for Your Family This Winter


We are well into the winter months and baby it's cold outside. And when it's cold, all I want to do is cuddle up to a warm blanket and keep my eyes glued to a good book or the TV. Lately, it's been the TV, which has given me a…

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Decorating Brown Bags – Custom Lunch Looks any Mom Can Make!

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Even if you only have a few extra minutes in the morning, you can create fun lunches for your child by decorating their brown paper bags with custom designs. You don't need a pantry filled with miniature cookie cutters or gourmet bento boxes. With a sharpie, glue stick, and…

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Crafty School Binders for Personalized School Supplies


Whether you're buying new binders or reusing binders from last year, there is no reason to show up with plain binders on the first day of school. With a few simple supplies you can make this school binder craft to transform an ordinary, inexpensive 3-ring binder into a fun and…

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