Motivation and Inspiration: 5 Ways to Focus on Your Goals

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As we approach the New Year, resolutions are on the minds of many. Maybe you want to focus on healthy living in 2012? Or, maybe you want to focus on raising giving children? There’s always the thought of working on your creativity… by tapping into your craft side.

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Printable: Laugh ’til Your Stomach Hurts

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This laugh ’til your stomach hurts printable is an inspiring printable to reignite flames and laugh, laugh, laugh. Remember that laughter is the best medicine and can cure just about anything. Don’t forget that next time you’re feeling down.
Laugh ’til Your Stomach Hurts Printable
Download the Laugh ’til Your …

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Printable: Ernest Hemingway Quote

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Teach your kids to enjoy the simple things in life. Realize it’s not about the end but the journey itself. To reach the end, you must first endure the journey so why not enjoy it…? Ernest Hemingway said it best when he said, “It is good to have

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Quote: Brand New End

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As humans we don’t have the ability to change the past but we have every power in the world to change and shape the future. Get inspired with this Brand New End printable. Take a moment to reflect and ponder how you will plan and prepare for your future….

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Printable: No Shortcuts

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In life, there are many ways to sit back and enjoy the journey. This printable teaches us that there is no shortcut to the places in life worth going. It’s a great reminder that we need to embrace changes… in our lives and take them as a stepping stones

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Printable: Eleanor Roosevelt- The Purpose of Life Quote

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Life is one of our greatest gifts. Motivating and inspiring ourselves to live to the fullest can sometimes be tough. This quote from Eleanor Roosevelt about the purpose of life is an uplifting and perfect example to get us to reach out, attain goals… and try new things.
Eleanor Roosevelt

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Do Good in Little Ways

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As a wife, mom, daughter, sister, and friend we all have a lot to get done everyday. Blessings and responsibilities all rolled together make for a busy day, and keeping up with it all is no small task. So as the hustle and bustle ramps up and we rapidly approach…

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The Inspiration Board Giveaway: Win an iPad Mini

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Imagine a free online app that allows you to create fun and personable inspiration boards in a matter of minutes. With the beloved website The Inspiration Board, you are now able to collect and organize all the things that inspire you. Think of The Inspiration Board as a compilation of…

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The Inspiration Board: Tuesday #gno Twitter Party

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Pinterest, magazines television shows, craft stores – what is your favorite way to inspire your creativity? There are so many different ways to spark your imagination and get creative through inspiration.

5 Ways to Get Inspired
Below are five ways to help you get inspired:

  1. Find inspiration in your everyday

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Power of Story Week 5: I’m A Dreamer!

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Every one of my kids have their unique interests. Interests at our house range from Chinese Philosophy, Sign Language, Basketball, Shakespeare, to all things “Lord of the Rings,” and all kinds of stuff in between.
“Our interests, our favorites, our hobbies, in a word, often describe us.”


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