Valentine’s Day Dessert: Cupcakes With Cream Cheese Frosting

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The key to wowing your friends and family with Valentine’s Day treats is to take an ordinary recipe, like cupcakes, and add some cute holiday-themed liners and toppers, like these with hearts, and voila! You’ve turned an ordinary sweet treat into an extraordinary holiday dessert.

White Cupcakes With Cream

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Valentine’s Day Gift: Candy Cane Chocolate Heart Suckers

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Looking for cute Valentine’s gift ideas for your kids, their teachers, or your neighbors? Still have mini candy canes left over from Christmas…? Don’t worry if you don’t! Just run over to your local grocery store where they are sure to have Christmas seasonal items still on sale, stop

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Support: 8 Tips for Parenting Children With Health and Other Challenges


Let’s go back in time a moment, shall we?
Growing Up With Epilepsy
I’m 14. One day I’m watching an after-school special with my classmates about a kid with Epilepsy…. He has a seizure during a basketball game. Isn’t that funny? We’re laughing. We don’t understand. We all join

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Valentine’s Day Dessert Recipe: Brownie Ice Cream Cake in Jars

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Looking for a Valentine’s dessert… that is fun and tasty for the whole family? Look no further! We’re combining the trend of baking in glass jars with what’s hot (or in this case, cold!) for Valentine’s Day treats and sharing this fabulous and delicious recipe just in time for the

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Education: How to Channel Your Child’s Artistic and Creative Talents


Art, band and orchestra, dancing, and foreign language are so beneficial to a child’s educational development. But, what happens when your child has creative talents or is passionate about one of these topics and your school doesn’t offer a class or sufficient instruction to curb your budding artist’s, musician’s…

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10 Goal Setting Tips to Help Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick

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It’s a New Year. It’s A New Decade. It’s time to think about setting resolutions…or is it? Setting New Year’s resolutions may be a time-honored tradition but unfortunately making last-minute vows during a champagne toast isn’t an effective approach. Research consistently shows that New Year’s resolutions… don’t work and that

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Diet and Exercise: Apps to Keep Your Physical Fitness Resolutions

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What if a magic bullet existed that helped you keep your New Years resolutions? I, for one, would take it. How about you?
Creating New Years resolutions… is a great way to assess where you are at personally and professionally, make goals that will help you improve, and track

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Resolutions: Apps to Keep Your Personal Wellness Goals


Have you ever made New Years resolutions that address your social and emotional health and well being?
New Years resolutions lists often include goals about diet, exercise, and even budget. But things like strengthening relationships, traveling, or enjoying more cultural events don’t seem to surface very often.

Setting and

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Neighbor Gifts: Chocolate Peppermint Candy Bars

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Looking for an easy homemade and yummy Christmas neighbor gift this holiday season? Look no further than your nearest craft or grocery store for chocolate and candy molds, buy some candy melts and peppermint pieces, and get ready to wow your friends and family.

I found a cute candy

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Fall Traditions: Apple Picking in Upstate New York

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What are your favorite family fall traditions? For us, it boils down to three things: foilage, food, and family.

Specifically, we love fall traditions that involve Sunday drives in the mountains just as the leaves are changing colors. I mean, just looking at these fall colored leaves… will

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