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Apps: The five best free Christmas Apps of 2012

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Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but Christmas-themed apps are delightful. Discover all the fun, excitement, and seasonal wonderment in these exciting apps that will have kids and adults cheering all the way through the New Year. Check out these fun holiday apps: Christmas Apps for Kids

Hungry Santa

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Kids Apps: Disney Storybook Apps Sure to Entertain

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Apple’s app store hit 25 billion downloads this past March. According to a report by Telenav that was released last August, iPhone users were twice as likely as Android users to spend more than $40 on apps for their smartphones. And reports from Appsfire shows the average iPhone user…

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Kids Apps: Avengers and Superhero Apps Review

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As the  mother of an active five-year-old tomboy who enjoys superheroes just as much as the next kid, I am always on the lookout for a good superhero story. Disney does a great job with their newest app additions: The Avengers Origins: Assemble and Avengers Origins: Hulk.

The Avengers

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Education Apps: Tips for Making Learning-on-the-go Fun


Most experts will tell you that kids' learning happens much more easily when it's fun. Heck, most moms—the true experts—will testify that their kids enjoy learning more and retain knowledge better when the learning experience is fun. There are lots of ways you can do that at home. However,…

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