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As the  mother of an active five-year-old tomboy who enjoys superheroes just as much as the next kid, I am always on the lookout for a good superhero story. Disney does a great job with their newest app additions: The Avengers Origins: Assemble and Avengers Origins: Hulk.

The Avengers Origins: Assemble

Truthfully, everyone in my family is a big fan of superheroes, so my daughter and I really enjoyed Avengers Origins: Assemble!  It's a nice addition to have in your library, especially if you enjoyed the new Avengers movie. The first page opens with the Avengers ready to fight bad guys and you come along for the entertaining ride. There are six Avengers symbols you should look for throughout the story, such as Captain America's shield, to collect as you go. This is a great feature as it keeps the reader engaged and interacting with the story.

There is also suspenseful music playing throughout the story, which you can choose to turn off. We rather liked the music as it helped increase the tension of the story. Just like when you watch the superheroes cartoon fight the evil forces, the app delivers the same type of emotional response. The story is read by Stan "The Man" Lee and he does a great job engaging you.

The story takes us to a remote station based in a place "where the earth is frozen and the water is ice..." We see the snow falling around the station and can hear the ice crackling and the wind blowing. They do a nice job of creating a world that draws you in, allowing you to get closer and closer to a deserted station with each touch of the screen.

There is a fun puzzle activity for the little ones where they can drag the pictures of Captain America to their correct place on the board. Other such engaging activities can be found throughout the story. I don't want to give away too much, but the plot is exciting and thickens. For example, "Captain America plunges into the icy ocean while trying to stop a dangerous plane from taking off..." Go Captain America, Go! This is a fun app that will be enjoyed by the entire superhero-loving family!

The Avengers Origins: Hulk

If you watched The Hulk when you were young, you will enjoy the Avengers Origins: Hulk  app just as much as your kids! I always loved to see when Bruce Banner would turn into Hulk, green skin and all. The story starts off by giving us a little background about Bruce; that he wasn't always so strong and able to do INCREDIBLE things. Are you drawn into the story yet?

This storybook app is quite fun and stays true to the original story. We find out that when Bruce was young, he was afraid a lot of the time and didn't have many friends but he was always ready to help someone who needed help. We learn that Bruce was drawn to Science and reading books but he didn't talk about how he felt inside. These are all important facts that the reader needs to know to understand why Bruce turns into The Hulk.

There are some fun activities throughout the story, such as stopping a teenager in a speeding car from getting hurt from Bruce's experiment, as well as giving our best Hulk roar to transform Bruce. We loved doing the roar and it is quite fun to see how Bruce ended up turning into Hulk! For all you Avengers and Super Hero Fans, these two are winners in my book.

What are some of your favorite kids apps?

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