Mother’s Day: How to Make a Greeting Card for Mom

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Hello, everyone! I want to share a little story. When I was a little girl, we had a school Art Class and our project was to make… a stuffed animal. I remember making a fish and my friend, Alina, made a dinosaur. We each liked each other’s better and we

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Tuna and Walnut Pasta Salad Recipe


Mother’s Day is a day to pamper Mom. Give her a break with this simple and delicious Tuna and Walnut Pasta Salad… recipe from California Walnuts. With minimal cooking and preparation required, kids or Dad can make this for Mom on her special day. You’ll love this recipe because you

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Mother’s Day: How to Make New Mother’s Day Traditions

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Mother’s Day is special day set aside to make sure moms know they are loved and appreciated…. I remember as a child, my mom always did things for my siblings and me before she ever did anything for herself. If we needed something, she took care of it. I

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Craft: How to Make A fabulous Apron for Mother’s Day


Have you wanted to sew but haven’t been able to find a project at your skill level? I may be able to help you with that. I am going to share a SUPER easy tutorial to make an apron using a Riley Blake Designs… fabric panel. It’s perfect because you

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Mother’s Day: All About My Mom Printable

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If you are like me, I really don’t need anything for Mother’s Day…. If all I received were a few homemade cards, I would be completely happy. If I could ask for one gift, it would be to know how my kids feel about me. This Mother’s Day, the

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Meal Plan: Special Meals for Moms in Celebration of Mother’s Day

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What is your favorite way to celebrate Mother’s Day? Do you like to spend the entire day in bed? Go to the spa? Hang out with your family and friends? Have some fun in the sun at a park, beach, or lake? There are so many ways to celebrate being…

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Mother’s Day Coupons

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Don’t know what to give your mom for Mother’s Day? What mother doesn’t want a coupon that they can cash in anytime they want. Here are some generic coupons you can fill in and print off. Coupon ideas… could include a hug, a back rub, help around the kitchen, free

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All That I Am Mother’s Day Card

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Mother’s day is coming quickly, and trying to find the perfect card is not as easy as it seems. Mother’s give tirelessly without a lot of payment. They are teachers, caregivers, and role models. Here is an inspiring quote by Abraham Lincoln that sums up how we feel about our…

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Mother’s Day Word Art Printables

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Mother’s Day is a time when you can tell your mother how much you love and appreciate them…. You can do this by sending them a card, buying them a gift, or simply by telling them. This mother’s day, we wanted to make things easier for you. We created

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3 Tips to Improve Your Wellness


Mother’s Day is just around the corner, so you can ask for most anything! This year I challenge you to ask of yourself the gift of FLOWERS…a Focused Life of Wellness whose Example Raises Strength, of course!

Let me explain. I care about

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