Frigidaire Giveaway: Win Countertop Appliances from Frigidaire Professional

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Mothers are always giving; shouldn’t they receive something special this Mother’s Day? She always makes the most delicious family meals and with Frigidaire’s Professional countertop line at Target, she can continue to dazzle the family with ease.

Celebrate Mother’s Day by giving her the gift of time.

Boasting time-saving features and sleek stainless steel designs that beg for countertop display, Frigidaire Professional appliances are available at Target stores nationwide for the first time. Appliances in the Target line include:

  • 5-in-1

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FPPG12K7MS - 5-in-1 Panini Grill Griddle (In-Use) Frigidaire: Thursday #gno Twitter Party

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‘Mother’ is a six letter word that dictionaries cannot accurately define. Every mother will tell you that its meaning cannot truly be described. As a mother, you are a nurse, a cheerleader, a teacher and so many other things — not only to your children, but also the children around…

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botanicals Pure Natural Diva Giveaway: Win a Mother’s Day Gift Pack

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Pure Natural Diva Botanicals is here to make Mother’s Day easy. Pure Natural Diva Botanicals are a real luxury an organic perfume based 100% on pure botanical ingredients.

The first thought many people have when it comes to natural perfume… is can it really smell good (no one wants to

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How do you plan on celebrating Mother’s Day this year? What gifts do you usually give and/or receive on this thoughtful and mindful day? This year, why not celebrate with beautiful, healthy natural fragrance? Pure Natural Diva Botanical Perfumes are the answer.

What makes Pure Natural Diva Botanical Perfumes

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Macaroni-and-cheese Recipe: Mom’s Baked Macaroni and Cheese


I recently asked my boys what they remember most about Great Grandma, whom we affectionately called Gigi. They started the list and quickly moved on to food. It was like a tennis match with them spouting off a litany of foods: homemade strawberry jam and biscuits…; cranberry

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Make-Moms-Card-9 Mother’s Day: How to Make a Greeting Card for Mom

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Hello, everyone! I want to share a little story. When I was a little girl, we had a school Art Class and our project was to make… a stuffed animal. I remember making a fish and my friend, Alina, made a dinosaur. We each liked each other’s better and we

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Riley Blake apron Craft: How to Make A fabulous Apron for Mother’s Day


Have you wanted to sew but haven’t been able to find a project at your skill level? I may be able to help you with that. I am going to share a SUPER easy tutorial to make an apron using a Riley Blake Designs… fabric panel. It’s perfect because you

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HP Mini 210, sweet purple, front open HP Giveaway: Win an Ultimate Tech Device Bundle from HP


Here at Mom It Forward, we love celebrating Moms and all of the joy and love that they bring to our lives and to the lives of others. That’s why we love celebrating Mother’s Day. This special day, which is just around the corner, recognizes mothers, motherhood, and maternal …

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mothers day Meal Plan: Special Meals for Moms in Celebration of Mother’s Day

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What is your favorite way to celebrate Mother’s Day? Do you like to spend the entire day in bed? Go to the spa? Hang out with your family and friends? Have some fun in the sun at a park, beach, or lake? There are so many ways to celebrate being…

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motheranddaughter Mothers: Creating a Meaningful Relationship with Your Mom


Call her what you will—mom, mother…, mommy dearest—we all have a mother. She can be different things to different people. She can range from being the greatest joy and blessing in our lives perhaps, to the greatest challenge we may face in life. (Remember of course, this is most

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