Going Green: 10 Tips for Going Green While Cleaning

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CleaningGoing green… is not only be good for the environment but can save you money and keep your house from getting cluttered. It is important that we conserve our resources and protect our earth for generations to come. Learn how to create an energy efficient home to save

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Geek Squad: Wednesday #gno Twitter Party on Recycling Electronics

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Reduce, reuse, and recycle…that’s right, April is Earth Month and we’re celebrating ways to help keep the Earth happy and healthy. As you’re doing your spring cleaning, are you coming across old computers, printers, phones, and other electronic devices that have seen better days?

Best Buy’s comprehensive Recycling… capabilities, competitive

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Geek Squad Giveaway: Win a $300 Geek Squad Gift Card

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Have you started your spring cleaning yet? Is your trash piled high with items you don’t need? Is your donation pile stacked with clothes and other items to give to charity? What about your electronic devices? Are you unsure about what to do with them? There’s a simple solution for

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Recycling: Elmer’s Glue Crew Challenge for Schools

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RecyclingGoing Green… is a really important topic right now. Each one of us can take steps and make better choices that will help protect our planet. There are many ways to do this. We can recycle common household items such as aluminum cans, plastic bottles, and paper products.

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Eco-Friendly: Six Tips for Going Green This School Year

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Eco-Friendly…—For most families, long, lazy summer days are over and the school year is in full swing once again. The start of the school year brings many wonderful things that make us feel optimistic and energized, including the promise of a fresh start. This year, let’s pledge to incorporate

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Clutter Control: Creating a Recycling Program for Your Home

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Clutter Control—As part of this clutter control series, we’ll be discussing ways to free yourself from a cluttered home and uncover simple organization tips that you can follow to live in a more organized and functional home. Today’s rule is all about creating a new recycling… program for

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Hanes: Successful Corporate Social Responsibility in a Sweatshirt

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Eco-Friendly—Did you know that when Jyl was in Florida recently, she wore a sweatshirt made from recycled plastic bottles? Did you even know that sweatshirts—comfortable ones—can be made from plastic? Well, they can, as demonstrated by Hanes, …a brand that has pledged to reduce the environmental impact of the

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From One Mom to Another: Carly’s Toy-Swapping Story

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Once upon a time, there were three young, smart, bright-eyed entrepreneurs who had an idea, an idea that would revolutionize the world, or at least the world of mens’ and womens’ shirts. They named their idea…, and it was good. People liked it because they could save money

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Kids Halloween Crafts: Cute Recycled Soda Bottle Ghosts


Instead of throwing away all those soda bottles left over from the last family get together, why not make a memory out of them? These soda bottle ghosts make the perfect kids Halloween craft activity while teaching your children how to creatively recycle.

Items You’ll Need to Create Your Halloween

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Giveaway! Win a Pair of Earth Footwear Shoes (3 Winners)


Three lucky winners will receive a pair of Exer-Walk shoes from Earth Footwear….
Studies demonstrate that Earth Footwear increases the rate of fat-burning inside the body. Women wearing Earth Footwear burn 4x the fat than normal shoes. The difference is in the Kalso Negative Heel Technology, which positions the

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