Going Green: 10 Tips for Going Green While Cleaning

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CleaningGoing green is not only be good for the environment but can save you money and keep your house from getting cluttered. It is important that we conserve our resources and protect our earth for generations to come. Learn how to create an energy efficient home to save money and reduce resource waste. By recycling unneeded items correctly, you can organize your home and keep it shipshape.

Every small step in the right direction helps to save our planet’s health, as well as our own. Even simple changes can save energy and money. At a recent MomitForward Twitter #gno party, sponsored by GeekSquad, Tweeters shared tips for going green while cleaning.

10 Tweet Tips for Green Cleaning

  • Find items that you can recycle while cleaning. Don’t forget those out-of-sight places, such as the basement and garage. @christielomb said she tries to clean the entire house and the car during mass clean outs.
  • Remember when cleaning that it will get messier before it will get cleaner. @jylmomIF started cleaning her office and admitted it was cleaner before she started. “It takes a bit to hit that magic curve where suddenly you’re making progress, not making it worse,” @GSAgentP said.
  • Make a greener home by using green household items. @mellanhead said her family uses homemade cleaners and air filters. @Tink4everbell suggests using vinegar and water for the windows and homemade laundry soap. Common household cleaners also contain dangerous substances, making your own can improve your health.
  • Get your family involved by teaching your kids the importance of going green. @LisaFromMT limits her kid’s shower time by using timers!
  • Celebrate Earth Month not only in April but throughout the whole year. @mellanhead cleans up garbage at a local park with her family. @tdmoore62 said, “We add new plants to the landscape and try to make the family more aware of conserving our resources.” Anything in the yard is a great way to celebrate the earth.
  • Use reusable bags at the grocery store. @techsavvymama said, “I tell my kids that if they remember to bring the bags, I pay them the 5 cents our county charges!”
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! “We are big about passing down clothes, passing down toys, reducing our garbage and recycling!” said @christielomb. @lucrecerbraxton suggests upcycling and being creative with what you already have.
  • Go green by creating a more energy efficient home. Our Tweeters suggested many ways to do this. @tdmoore62 suggests switching to more efficient light bulbs and remembering to turn off the computer at night. @Tink4everbell said to open windows instead of using the air conditioner. @marilola33 uses more candles and less water.
  • Recycle old electronic devices. Best Buy has a recycling and trade in program for out-dated technology. @c2cmom said, “I love the option to recycle our old tech devices when you upgrade to a new one—get the clutter out of the house!” Many of our Tweeters said they sell their old devices on eBay or at local locations that accept old electronics.
  • Stay up to date on ways to live a greener life. @christielomb said, “My kids are my greatest resource, they learn lots of great tips at school that I then follow!” There are also many tips found online. @techsavvymama shared a post she wrote on ways to rid your home of outdated technology.

Spring cleaning takes a lot of time and energy but doing so correctly is better for your health, the environment, as well as your pocket! Get creative and find ways to get your to do list done while going green.

How do you make your home a greener place to live?

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