Kids’ Bikes: How to Keep Safe While Riding Bikes

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Bike rides are a great activity for the family and a great form of exercise. Be sure to keep your kids safe while riding by taking these necessary precautions.

How to Keep Safe While Riding Bikes

Wear Helmets

Make sure your kids have a helmet that fits snug around their head. Not too big or too small. Make sure the strap is always buckled and pulled tight so it can’t fly off.

Keep Your Bike in Good Repair

Make sure the breaks work well and you have good air pressure in the tires. Prevent the chain from becoming worn out by oiling it regularly.

Ride a Bike That Fits

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, when standing over your bike, there should be 1 to 2 inches between you and the top bar for a road bike and 3 to 4 inches for a mountain bike. If you need a new bike for you or your kids, you should know that an used one usually cost less than a new one.

Wear Fitting Attire

Dress your kids in bright colors that can easily be seen. Avoid pants that can get caught in the chain and always have them put on their shoes similar to light shoes for kids. Sandals and flip-flops don’t have a good grip, so lace up the sneakers!

Tell Them When and Where

Inform your kids about where you want them to be riding and how far you want them to go. Avoid areas with busy streets and stay on the sidewalk. Always walk your bike across the street and don’t ride at night.

Teach Them Why

Make sure your kids understand why they need to take precaution when riding their bikes and that it is dangerous to ride without doing these things.

Make it Fun

Get your kids excited to wear their helmets by letting them decorate them however they want. Teach them how to care for their bikes, so they feel like they can do it themselves.

How do you keep your kids safe when riding their bikes?

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