Smartphone Apps: The Top Apps for Productivity and Creativity

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There are millions of apps available for smartphones, tablets, computers, etc. These apps can help make our lives easier and more creative. I decided to compile a list of my favorite smartphone apps while getting the input of critics and our Mom It Forward community. I love apps that…

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Apps: The five best free Christmas Apps of 2012

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Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but Christmas-themed apps are delightful. Discover all the fun, excitement, and seasonal wonderment in these exciting apps that will have kids and adults cheering all the way through the New Year. Check out these fun holiday apps: Christmas Apps for Kids

Hungry Santa

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Mobile Devices: 3 Apps to Help Promote Reading, Imagination, and Cooperation

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Technology—Smartphones and tablets can be entertaining tools to focus children’s attention, but finding age-appropriate apps that were built with kids’ development in mind may be a challenge sometimes. With apps developed with their own children in mind, three tech-savvy moms have created apps for kids that go beyond gaming

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