15 Minute Winter Snowflake Foiled Placemat


Looking for a simple yet elegant placemat for winter fun? One that the kids can help out with? This simple 15 minute snowflake placemat does all of that... and will last into the New Year as well! Making these placemats is so easy!

Supplies for a Snowflake Winter Placemat

  • Iron

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Winter Preschool Math Activity


When teaching math to young children, we often think of number-related concepts, such as counting forward, counting backward, simple addition, and simple subtraction. However, there are a lot of mathematical concepts that can be taught to preschool-age children that are not necessarily related to numbers and operations. Image courtesy of

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Kids Craft: How to Make Snow and Sparkle Decorations

craftskids crafts

I love making crafts! And I love making crafts even more if I can reuse or recycle something as part of my craft. This time of year is perfect for crafting because my recycling bin and trash can are overflowing with exciting possibilities. Yes, I have been known to…

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