15 Minute Winter Snowflake Foiled Placemat


Looking for a simple yet elegant placemat for winter fun? One that the kids can help out with? This simple 15 minute snowflake placemat does all of that... and will last into the New Year as well!

15 Minute Foiled Placemat - winter snowflake placemat is a ton of fun

Making these placemats is so easy!

Supplies for a Snowflake Winter Placemat

  • Iron and Ironing Board
  • Placemats
  • HeatnBond Ultra (find at Craft or Big Box store)
  • HeatnBond Deco Foil (find at Craft or Big Box store)
  • Scissors

supplies for foiled placemat with Winter snowflakes Making a Winter Placemat with Foil Snowflakes

Start by cutting your HeatnBond into a snowflake. Cut off a square, fold in half, then fold into thirds.

fold fusible to start your snowflake

Use scissors to cut a snowflake design. You can have the kids help with this part!

cut into fusible to make snowflake

Make as many cuts as you need until you're happy with the results!

finished cutting your snowflake from fusible

Once you are done cutting, unfold.

Unfold your cut snowflake when you've finished it

Following the directions on the HeatnBond packaging, place the snowflake paper-side-up on the placemat, and fuse into place with a hot iron. (Kids will need adult supervision with this step, of course!)

Fuse on the heat n bond to the placemat to fix the snowflake on the mat

Allow the design to cool, then peel away the paper.

Peel the paper away from the snowflake

Place the foil on top of the design, and fuse into place.

fuse on foil

Allow the fusible to cool, then peel up the foil.

peel off foil

If your design was bigger than your foil sheet, place the sheet over the un-foiled sections, and press again. Do not allow the iron to touch the finished sections, this will lift up the foil.

foiled snowflake

Your snowflake foiled placemat is complete! Set your table, and have all your guests admire your handiwork!

foiled placemat

This is perfect for a winter-themed party, New Year's Eve celebration, or even just to dress up the dreary post-Christmas winter season.


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