Technology and a Game Room: The Perfect Combination for Mother-Son Bonding

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Many moms dread the day their sons move away from home, wondering how they will stay close, especially when college and jobs make the relationship a long-distance one.

It’s been almost six years since I moved out of my mom’s house in Alabama. I moved to Atlanta for college and then finally to NYC to start my career. And it has only been recently that my mom decided to turn my room into a game room and guest room for my much younger cousins.

I don’t know what prompted my mom to finally change my room. Maybe it’s because she’s realizing I’m no longer her little boy any more and keeping my room the same (decked out with soccer and martial arts trophies and honor roll awards) way won’t bring me back home permanently.

The room transformation came at a good time since one of my clients, Sears, actually launched their Ultimate Game Room website, which offers helpful videos on how to turn a space into game room and provided her with really good deals, games to include.

Despite being in NYC, I wanted to make sure I was involved because as the lone boy of the family, I had to make sure this room remained “manly” for me to come home to. My mom and sister already took control of the living room, kitchen, dining room and bathrooms and decked everything with potpourri and candles.

Thanks to today’s technology, I actually feel like I’m there with her during every step of the process thanks to smartphones and video chat. Even though it is a lot of work, just seeing my mom’s smile on her face when she explains to my cousins what will be included in the room (and hearing their laughter) makes me feel good. My mom is hoping to get everything done by Christmas.

Three Tips for Creating the Perfect Game Room

Two weeks into this project, and here are some tips I wanted to share:

  • Measure – I was recommending the pool table, air hockey table and huge TVs to decorate the room, then I realized I needed to make sure this all fit somehow.
  • Be practical – Even if something fits in the room (i.e. air hockey table), try to visualize the use of it and make sure people playing will have enough room for mobility.
  • Color – This was kind of enforced by my mom despite my urge to keep it plain. She suggested adding a bit color to add some positive energy to the room. We compromised on navy walls.

I recommend for others who moved away for college or work to reconnect with your parents and work on a project together. You don’t even have to be in the same city since working on projects (whether through Skype or mobile phones) allows you to collaborate, exchange ideas and just maintain conversation.

One thing I’ll take away from this room transformation project is that even though it’s not my “bed room” anymore, it’s still will be my “room.” My cousins will just occupy it more than me. Photos of before and after soon-to-come!

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