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Temptations Treats: Tuesday #gno Twitter Party

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Owning and caring for a pet is a unique experience. No two pets are the same, just as no two children are the same. Each comes with its own personality, and—also much like children—each comes with a responsibility to teach them right from wrong. But while those teachable, relationship-building moments may be more commonplace with dog owners, what many cat owners are unaware of is that it can also be an equally effective way to strengthen the bond between them and their feline companions.

For RSVP - Cat with Treats

TEMPTATIONS Treats for Cats knows one great way to positively reinforce good behavior and aid in strengthening the bond between owner and cat is by using treats (because, as we all know, the way to the heart is through the stomach)! And new Cheezy Middles is a drool-inducing treat that cats will love. These bits of kitty nirvana are a distinctive treat that offer great tasting, real cheese flavor paired with your felines’ favorite flavors – chicken, tuna, or beef. With a crunchy outside and a “pocket” full of soft filling, nine out of 10 cats can’t resist TEMPTATION Treats.

Party Topic

Join the TEMPTATIONS team, Mom It Forward and our panel of experts as we chat about treating and strengthening the relationship between owners and their pets – specifically our sometimes finicky feline friends! The party will be held on Tuesday, November 5 from 9-10 p.m. ET (8CT, 7MT, 6PT). Click here to see details about the giveaway and enter for a chance to win.

Party Details

  • What: Girls’ Night Out (#gno) Twitter party (Click here to learn about #gno!)
  • When: Tuesday, November 5 from 9-10 p.m. EST (8CT, 7 MT, & 6 PT)
  • Where: Party with us on your favorite Twitter Platform using the hashtags!
  • Hashtags: #gno #TemptationsTreats
  • Topic: Pet & Cat Ownership/Relationship Building
  • Who: Brand Panelist:@DrTiffanyB Community Panelists: TBD Moderator(s): @jylmomIF @Dadventurous @troypattee and @MomItForward
  • Party Favors: Please click here to see more information about the giveaway.

RT @MomItForward Join the #TemptationsTreats #gno Twitter party 11/5 (9-10 ET) on pet ownership (ad) http://bit.ly/17G48ub PLS RT

Note: Mom It Forward accepts paid sponsorships for most #gno Twitter parties. During the parties, brand sponsors provide tips, techniques, expert advice, and information on party topics. Mom It Forward is grateful for the giveaway prizes, coupons, and discounts that sponsors also provide to the Mom It Forward community in conjunction with #gno Twitter parties.

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