The Top Six Reasons to Attend a Social Media Conference

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Have you ever been to a social media conference before? You can find one just about any month of the year all over the world and especially in the US tailored to just about every industry.

After a year of attending, count them 8, conferences from Vegas to New York City, and being less than 3 weeks away from holding the Evo Conference in Park City, UT, I have whittled it down to the top five reasons why everyone should attend a social media conference.

Conferences help you:

  1. Grow your skill set—Conferences are informative and vary in the subject matter they focus on. Just about any conference you attend will offer sessions dedicated to exactly what areas you need to grow in.
  2. Identify your gaps—Sometimes we don't know what we need to know until someone tells us. Conferences offer great content, especially as it relates to the latest and greatest tools, techniques, and technology. Attending these sessions gives you insight into what you could be doing to evolve your business, blog, or brand.
  3. Make friendships—Nothing beats the moment when you transition your online relationships to offline friendships, when you see people who look exactly or nothing like their avatar and find they are exactly the same IRL.
  4. Get inspired—There is nothing like knowledge and motivating people to inspire you to grow personally and professionally. Conferences offer both in spades and from the keynotes and breakout sessions to roommate and hallway conversations.
  5. Make meaningful business relationships—Brands and agencies are some in attendance at social media conferences. Being able to meet one-on-one with them helps you form future partnerships. You will be able to decipher which brands you'd like to work with and likewise, they will see your enthusiasm for their products.
  6. Have fun!—I can't downplay enough this last point. Conferences are fun. Taking advantage of parties, events, and other conference-wide activities will put you in places to interact with other attendees. Not only that, it will clear your mind of the demands of your busy life at home, giving you space to get creative, see things from a new perspective, and put you in a better space to make decisions, come up with ideas for growth, and identify what's most important in your life and what changes you need to make to act in accordance with that.

Check back soon to learn 10 tips for attending a social media conference on a budget.

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