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Topic Talk—Holiday Shopping

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Give it up for these GNO blogesses for giving us a great start to our holiday shopping season!



The Coupon Cupboard offers great advice for eBay shopping. New to eBay? eBay veteran? You'll love this post.


The holiday crunch is right around the corner. Don't let this become another year of scrambling for gifts and paying much more than you have to. If you've never tried eBay before, now is the time!

Some shy away from eBay just because they've never tried it before, some have heard horror stories about items paid for and not received, while still others have preconceived notions that eBay is too confusing and not worth the effort. Not so! Buying on eBay is easy, you'll save money, and best of all, it's fun!

Mom Maven promotes gift-card presents, but also includes some fantastic watch outs

for using them.

...Complicated Simplicity talks about one of her favorite traditions—Black Friday:

Black Friday. You either LOVE it... or HATE it.

For me? Deal hunting is a year round sport and in my family,"Black Friday" is not just a day to shop ...its a day of tradition! We look forward to it all year long!... I'm serious! It's right up there with Christmas...and why shouldn't it be? Next to getting shoes, handbags or diamonds ... getting an amazing deal is one of the few things in life that puts that twinkle in a gal's eye.... and actually getting a deal ON shoes, handbags or diamonds? OBVIOUSLY, the ultimate Utopia.

Delicious Baby provides terrific tips for traveling with children this holiday season. This was one of my favorites:

Blue Painter's Tape or Duct Tape

My articles on 10 Reasons to pack Duck Tape when you travel and Babyproofing using blue painter's tape were so unconventional that they got a lot of attention when they were first published. If those don't convince you to pack a small roll of tape, consider the fact that BlueTape is endlessly fascinating for toddlers, and a great way to make a (removable) race car track on your hotel room floor.

Mamanista, in the hottest toys for 2008 section, reviews many great products that promote "creative pretend toys," such as this one.

Play tents create special spaces for their little occupants. My mom used to toss a sheet over two chairs and this simple cave miraculously transformed into whatever I could imagine. If you are looking for something more substantial, your little one will love the Gigatent Fantasy Palace Play Tent (Amazon - $48). Another favorite is Le Cafe ( KB Toys- $40).


Thanks to these amazing GNO Gals for their Topic Talk posts.

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