Five Ways to Have a Successful Black Friday Shopping Experience

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Diehard Black Friday shoppers know months in advance where they will shop, how much they will spend and what they will buy. Newbies to this game may need a little help navigating the parking lots, the stores, the discounts and, at times, staying awake during the wee morning hours. This

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Holiday Activity: 7 Black Friday Shopping Strategies

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Do you have a plan for the biggest shopping day of the year? There may not be a wrong way to shop on Black Friday, but preparation and pre-planning can give you a step up as you try to maximize your shopping dollars. 7 Tips for Shopping on Black Friday

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Topic Talk—Holiday Shopping

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Enjoyed GNO Monday night? Had fun getting to know other GNO Gals? Here's a way to get to know them even better... through their blogs.   Give it up for these GNO blogesses for giving us a great start to our holiday shopping season!  

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