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Topic Talk—More from the Happiness Headlines

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Mom It Forward brings you 4 more Forward Moms. One saving for giving, one cheering you on, one making me laugh and one simply serving others. Amazing what everyone does everyday. Thanks for being part of the
Mom It Forward
Happiness Headlines Challenge:

Brandy at Not Your Average Soccer Mom
Noreen at Crispy Dragon
Carissa at Good and Crazy
Janine at @twincident

Random Acts

Not Your Average Soccer Mom
has made savings into a game.

For pennies Brandy has been able to gather some goodies and then figured out a great way to give back on items she got for nearly free! She took 10 baskets packed with these items to a local home for the elderly, where her own grandmother had lived.

Many of these people don't have family in town or family that can be bothered to visit. So we thought it would be a good idea to share some of what we have with these ladies.

You would be surprised how a little bag of soap or candy can brighten someones day. The fact that someone thought of them means the world to them.

And to me.


Crispy Dragon cracked me up. It would totally be my luck. To attempt a RAK and then have to come home and write up a post entitled: RAK Fail. That's what Noreen did.

Well, it wasn't too great, but I went and bought a McDonalds meal and gift card for a forlorn looking young woman I saw on a street corner holding a sign. By the time I bought the stuff and went back she was gone!

It's the thought that counts right???

Good and Crazy
asked: Do You RA(w)K? Carissa thinks you all do.

reminders from the dashboard (RAK 3)
Photo generously allowed by Jill Stafford @ JillAllyn

Imagine the difference you make with all the small things you do each day. For your family, your neighbors, your friends and your world.
YOU are more important than you realize.

Twincident commented on the GNO--Cares page. Janine has the right idea. Keep it simple and think about the people no one thinks about.


My special RAK project has been to return and/or collect shopping carts left out in the parking lots as I shop. Some poor guy is always stuck collecting them out in the cold and every one I can bring back is one less for him to have to do...I hope :).
Great idea and loving the RAKs.

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