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Taking your pet on a vacation is a great way to bond and have quality time. Just like every member of your family, your pet has special needs that should be considered before you just get in the car and go. Here are a few tips to make sure your pet is happy and safe during your vacation. If you plan to take your cat witht you, make sure to check here some tips for a cat won't use the litter tray.

traveling with pets

Tips for Traveling with Your Pet

  • Make sure your pet visits the vet and is up to date on all vaccinations. Don’t forget to bring a health certificate along, as many hotels will require it. And make sure you have your flea, tick, and heartworm medications up to date before leaving. 
  • Is your pet microchipped? And more importantly, registered? Only 40% of microchipped dogs are registered. Check on your dog’s microchip at American Animal Hospital Association's Universal Look Up Tool.
  • Changes in food and water can create stomach upset. If you feed your dog a food that is not universally available make sure to bring enough with you. 
  • Have an emergency medical kit on hand. You’ll be stopping in places you’ve never been to exercise your pet and you need to be prepared. 
  • Don’t look for pet-friendly hotels, look for pets-welcomed hotels. Check the size restrictions, especially if you have a large dog. Always call the hotel ahead of time, no matter what it says online. Two sites to use as guides are PetsWelcome and LuxuryPaw.
  • New situations are confusing to dogs. The more you can direct and reward them, the more relaxed they are. 
  • Your dog needs to be comfortable and safe. The crate provides both of these. Use the crate when traveling. It keeps them safe in the car and it creates consistency. If you don’t have a crate, there are a variety of harnesses to use in the car. You may also schedule a stop over in a location that has a WoofConnect for cage-free dog boarding facility.
  • Bring toys for your dog. The Kong line of toys is great.

 Where do  you like to travel with your pet?


Post by: Brian Kilcommons, Dog Training Coach

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