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I was at the Cancer Center in Tucson receiving my first chemo treatment for breast cancer. When my husband and I walked out to our vehicle in the parking lot, we noticed the Ben's Bell…

There are thousands of stories like this one on the Ben’s Bells website. Almost 19,000 bells have been distributed over the last nine years in memory of Ben, who died suddenly at the age of three. People walk up to the ceramic windchimes, read the attached tag, and realize that the bell was left there intentionally by someone looking to spread kindness.

Recently, almost 40 Mom It Forward volunteers were able to take part in painting pieces of Ben’s Bells in Tucson, Arizona. Each bell has had up to ten people involved in it's creation from start to finish, making it a true community project.

On a beautiful sunny day, we all gathered together in the courtyard outside of the Ben's Bells studio. We talked. We listened. We empowered each other. Maybe even a few tears were shed. Ben's Bells has deep Tucson roots, and local businesses jumped at the chance to be a part of the first ever Mom It Forward event in our community.

Because this event was being held at an organization dedicated to the life of a three year-old boy, children were welcome (and maybe even encouraged) to come. I could tell you all about the day from my perspective, but I'm going to introduce you to some amazing local bloggers who captured the event in a way that I can't.

Dayna from Mommying Grace

Suzie from The Burrow

Nicole from The Pixel Boutique

Sara from Saving For Someday

Pauline from Aspiring Mama

Since the  event, I have heard one question almost daily... When's the next one?

Thank you to our following Tucson MIF sponsors: Big Frog Tucson, Arizona Pest, Gadabout Salon Spas, Living My MoMent, Kelly's Thirty-One Gifts, Tucson Creative Catering, and The Busy Mom Boutique.

What ways can help bring your local community closer together? What local events does your community host and why do you attend? Why do you think it's important to attend community events?

Becca Ludlum is a part time speech therapist and full time Mom from Tucson, Arizona. She spends a lot of time looking for humor within the everyday stresses that raising two boys can bring on and is always looking to make people smile. She blogs at Our Crazy Boys.



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