10 Date Night Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

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Those who know my family well are aware that I'm married to a frugal man. So, it's not much of a stretch to make a list of date night ideas we have given the thumbs up on that haven't given the thumbs down on our bank account.

Fun and Frugal Date Night Ideas

Here are 10 great ideas to have fun while being frugal.

1. Attend local high school sports. Granted, my children are of the age that we are either cheering them or their friends on, but that still doesn't stop this from being an extremely inexpensive evening! Take our local high school football game last Friday night: $5/ea admission, $2/ea concessions for a total of $14! Not to mention the cozy time spent under a blanket together in the stands!

2. Enjoy the tourism in your local area. Check in with the Chamber of Commerce to see what's coming up in the calendar. Living in an area where tourism is rich allows Hubby and I to walk through some great festivities, sample interesting cuisine and of course people watch to our heart's content! We usually allow $20 total to be spent on a date like this and we usually come home with some change.

3. Have a date night in. Plan for the kids to sleep over at friends houses on the same night, turn off the TV, light some candles, take a bubble bath. And if you don't fall asleep before 9 consider the evening a success!

4. Take a scenic drive. Grab your digital camera, fill up the gas tank and set for the open highway. Snap pictures along the way, stop at turn outs to get a few self portraits and don't forget to sneak in a kiss or two in the fresh air!

5. Walk the dog. I know, you're probably wondering if this is a typo. No, it's not. Walking the dog together is one of my favorite things to do. Why? Because we have this amazing path that runs along the river AND has limited cell service! Really, need I say more?

6. Learn something together. I shared with my husband that I've always been curious about reflexology. Soon after a "teach yourself" type package showed up in our home! Now, we have a way of learning something new, that not only can be fun to practice on one another but will benefit our aching feet at the end of the day!

7. Have a cooking date. Before you discount this idea, hear me out. Put some music on, poor your favorite beverages and take your time preparing a meal. Someone chops while another one heats up the cooktop. Relax, laugh and when all is said & done? Eat!

8. Enjoy a movie marathon together. I reserve these kinds of dates for when our house has been quarantined due to the flu but they are fun just the same. Nothing quite says date like a Lethal Weapon marathon or a Sex in the City full season showing!

9. Go people watching. One of my favorite hobbies is to get a warm beverage, find a spot on a centrally located bench and people watch. Hubby and I can be entertained for hours by the habits of the human being! The way the old couple still hold hands, the way a toddler wonders at the world, the way dog owners hope they won't have to use the "baggy". We always leave this date refreshed, believing there is still good and innocence in the world.

10. Have a "just be" date. Some of my fondest date-night memories are on my back deck, listening to the outdoors, sipping something yummy and just being in the moment with my husband. No conversation. No children asking for things. No phone ringing. Nothing but us and the peace and quiet.

What are your favorite fun and frugal date night ideas?

April Welch is a Mental Clutter Expert | Mom of 2 boys | Wife to 1 Fireman | Horrible Cook | Loyal Friend | National Public Speaker who gives you permission to be imperfect
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Mental Clutter Expert | Mom of 2 boys | Wife to 1 Fireman | Horrible Cook | Loyal Friend | National Public Speaker who gives you permission to be imperfect


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