10 Ugly Christmas Sweaters you can Actually Wear

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  10 Ugly Christmas Sweaters you can actually wear this holiday season!

Walmart You'll Shoot Your Eye Out(similar) $25.99

10 Ugly Christmas Sweaters you can actually wear this holiday season! Today I am talking about everything Ugly Christmas Sweater!  You're welcome! No longer are ugly Christmas sweaters only allowed at that office Holiday party...they can be worn all season long.  Today I am sharing my picks for ugly Christmas sweaters that are so ugly they are cute, make sense?  Don't be afraid to get creative and where yours loud and proud around town.  Because seriously..what else says "Merry Christmas" like an ugly sweater? I submit nothing!

10 Ugly Christmas Sweaters you can Actually Wear

1. Forever 21 Christmas Tree Sweater $19.90

At $20 you can't go wrong with this sweater!  Blue and white and all things Christmas Trees, this is a great way to tell the world Merry Christmas via your sweater!

2. Target Bah Humbug! $24.99

If truth be told the stress of Christmas is not my favorite, so any tee/sweater that says Bah Humbug gets my vote!

3. NFL Ugly Christmas Sweater $64.95

I love football and who was the genius that made these sweaters?  Support your team AND rock a Christmas sweater?  Yes, please!

4. Kohl's Penguin Christmas Sweater $32.99

Seriously how cute is this?  I'll tell ya-too cute!  Dress it up or down, you need this penguin sweater in your closet!

5. Kohl's Pur-fect Christmas Sweater $32.99

Kohl's strikes again with this perfectly ugly, yet cute Christmas cat sweater.  I just wrote Christmas cat sweater...who knew?

6. Amazon Blue Reindeer $29.99

Pair this sweater with leggings and you have the perfect pair!  Can't you imagine just snuggling up with a cup of hot chocolate and a blanket and watching the snow fall down in this sweater?  I totally can!

7. Skip 'n Whistle Reindeer Sweater $29.00

I need this sweater in my closet stat.  Because not only does it work for Christmas, but it would be a solid wear all winter long!

8. Amazon Nutcracker $64.95

Stop it.  Love it.  Need it.  Put it in my cart.

9. Spreadshirt Merry Christmas Sweatshirt $49.69

If you don't want to say it,let your sweater do the work and profess MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone you see via your clothes!

Would you wear an Ugly Christmas Sweater out and about?  Which is your favorite?

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