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3 Simple Steps to Create a Family Mission Statement

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Does your family have a mission statement? Creating a mission statement for your family helps grow a bond between the children and adults in the family, as well as holds people accountable. Your family's unity will only continue to grow with a family mission statement because everyone in the family is committed to each other's success and growth.

During the recent 2017 Family Forward event, FranklinCovey sponsored one of the workshops to help strengthen families through their The Leader in Me teachings. Throughout the workshop, families learned tips and tricks to help bond the children and the adults. During the workshop, families were encouraged to write a mission statement.

3 Simple Steps to Create a Family Mission Statement

Here are the three simple steps that your family can follow to create a family mission statement, as outlined by FranklinCovey.

1.) Define the Outcome

What is the end goal of your mission statement? What do you strongly believe in as a family? What do you want to focus on as a family?

2.) Create a Family Mission Statement

Once you have defined the outcome, it's time to create a family mission statement. In order to do so you must determine what is important to your family. You can figure this out by answering the following questions [source]:

  1. What is the purpose of our family?
  2. What kinds of things do we want to do?
  3. What kind of feeling do we want to have in our home?
  4. What kind of relationships do we want to have with one another?
  5. What are our family’s priorities?
  6. What are our responsibilities as family members?
  7. How can we contribute to society as a family and become more service-oriented?

Allow your children the chance to participate and voice their answers and feelings. Your family mission statement doesn't have to be long. In fact, it can be short and sweet. A family mission statement needs to represent what is important to you and your family.

Here's an example of a family mission statement:

  • To love each other. To help each other. To believe in each other. To use our time, talents, and resources wisely for each other. Forever. [source]

3.) Live by the Mission Statement

When your family mission statement is completed, print it out and place it somewhere in the house that is clearly visible to all members of the family. Another way to reinforce the mission is to repeat it before dinner while everyone is seated at the table. To simply write down the mission statement is not enough. You must have reminders throughout the day or week to make sure your family members are living by the family mission statement to help keep the family united and strong.

What will be included in your family's mission statement?

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by FranklinCovey as part of their Family Forward sponsorship.

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