Savory and Sweet Dishes: 8 Easy Bacon-Filled Recipes

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Perhaps it's because it's winter (or supposed to be — where's the snow?). Perhaps it's because we love tasty foods. Who knows why, but we've been thinking a lot about bacon around here lately. The crispy, smoky-flavored, sometimes-slightly-sweet, always-hot dish is a favorite when temperatures drop. The smell of it alone right before breakfast is enough to evoke strong memories of happy times and pleasant memories. But if you've ever looked for ways to dress up your bacon, or for main dishes that involve bacon, look no further.

Tweeters at a MomItForward Twitter Girls' Night Out party, sponsored by @OscarMayer, a couple of months ago salivated together over what to do with bacon to fancify it, and shared these great recipes:

  1. Cocktail weiners wrapped in bacon, covered in brown sugar, and then cooked in the oven at 425 until the bacon is cooked and the sugar glazed. I can personally attest to the tastiness of this recipe, as can @Pircy23, who says it's "meat candy!"
  2. Candied Bacon, from @SarahLipoff.
  3. Grilled Bacon Jalapeno Wraps, from @7onaShoestring and @AnnieSuzume, who sums this recipe up as the following: "Precooked bacon. Cream cheese.Wrap. Nuke to crisp. Grill. Divine."
  4. Bacon Explosion  from @Twinfatuation, who says, rightfully, "Vegans, avert your eyes." It's a total meatfest. You can try her version, this barbecue version, or the New York Times' recipe.
  5. Chicken and Bacon Shish Kabobs, from @1AmyPugmire.
  6. Wild Rice with Bacon Casserole. @Scasolari says, "This is my favorite bacon recipe, topped with crushed cashews. It's a delish side dish."
  7. Bacon Jam, recommended by @Chef_Bizzaro. Intriguing.
  8. Bacon, Spinach, and Cheddar Crustless Quiche, recommended by @1PamelaHiggins. She says: "I make sure to use sodium nitrite free bacon." Read here to find out about the debate behind sodium nitrite.


If those ideas aren't enough, there are hundreds of bacon recipes on, including this one for a Bacon Horseradish Dip. Let us know how it goes!

First photo courtesy ofHow To: Simplify. Second photo courtesy of Eastside


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