Saving Summer: Making a Collage to Commemorate the Season


“Summer has flown by” seems to be the unanimous and wistful agreement among my Mom-friends. Even if you haven’t found a way to put time in a bottle (and if you have, please share it with me!), here’s an idea for preserving your memories of this summer’s fun.

At any local photo shop or craft store, pick up a simple 18” x 24” poster frame.  Encourage your child to gather up all of the souvenirs that he’s saved from the season—baseball game tickets, Summer Reading Club stickers, amusement park admission stubs, postcards, maps, brochures, photos—and get to work putting the best memories on display.

Work with your child to arrange the momentos and affix them to colorful construction or scrapbook paper. Allow the display to dry overnight, then re-assemble the frame, using the cardboard backing to support the collage and carefully placing the glass over your child’s treasured items. If your frame comes with a mat, invite your child to write a personal message to finish off his collage. A simple “Summer 2010” will do, but a favorite memory or saying will preserve the moments in his own words.

Display the creation in your child’s room or a common family area where the fun memories of summer will keep everyone warm well into the cold months of winter.

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