Healthy Lunch Time Ideas for Children

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Being a busy mom means makes it challenging to stop and think about all the ways we should be doing our part to help the environment.

This school year, if you haven’t already gone green, the time is NOW! Not only is going green good for the environment, it is also super hip! And it can all start by packing a guilt-free and garbage-free lunch for your kids in ways that don't add time to your already-busy schedule.

Eco-Friendly School Lunches

Here are several of tips for going green for lunch:

  1. Pick a stylish, reusable lunch bag—one that is bright and unique so it's easily recognizable by your kids!
  2. Get one that is insulated because warm yogurt = yuck and yuck often turns into waste!
  3. Use easy-to-open, reusable containers.  Get individual containers—one for a sandwich, and 2-3 for smaller snacks. Or, find an all-in-one container—think one holder and one lid with several compartments neatly divided. For younger kids, the latter option is often better since it is easier to keep track of!
  4. Get something that is durable and easy to wash! These handy containers are available everywhere and come in loads of great colors for added fun. I found one of the best lunch containers for this: Easy Lunch Boxes.

It may not seem like it makes a big difference and it does require a bit more time in your already busy life (washing, etc), but every little thing we can do to minimize garbage helps!  Even if it is only a few pieces of food wrap, a zipper sandwich bag or a brown paper lunch bag. Just imagine the impact on the environment if everyone in your child’s school packed garbage-free lunches!

By Maria Minten.  Mom, teacher, and freelance writer for My Baby Clothes Boutique.  They have the widest variety of baby accessories and baby gift sets.
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