Clutter Control: Making an Action Plan to Get Organized

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Clutter Control—As part of this clutter control series, we’ll be discussing ways to free yourself from a cluttered home and uncover simple organization tips that you can follow to live in a more organized and functional home. Today’s rule is all about taking action.

Clutter Control Rule #8: Do Something.

This rule really isn't as flip as it sounds. We're encouraging you to proceed to action in order to solve or fix something that's bothering you. Most of us have some idea of what to do to solve our own clutter problems. We may not know exactly what to do, or exactly where to start, or what to toss and what to save, or what we need to buy in the way of shelves or storage baskets. But we do know we need to clean out, toss, and organize. Unfortunately, for many of us, what we do best with our clutter is to fret about it and mull it over. We may practically salivate when we see a sale on closet organizers, but we're still stuck by our own indecision and inaction.

No matter how overwhelming your clutter is, you've got to start somewhere. Everyone starts with a single step, even if it's a baby step. Let's start with the smallest and quickest fix. Whether it be your plastic storage containers, gift wrapping paper supply, or clothes pin collection, pick one and stick with it until it's finished. Now move on and attack the next project.

Even if you have a room full of clutter to the point where you can barely open the door, there is no need to worry. Start with the items stored just inside the door. You'll need to keep Rule #1 and Rule #2 at the forefront of your mind with each item of clutter you encounter. The important thin to remember is it it doesn't matter how long it takes to finish the room, just keep moving. Before you know it, you'll be able to see parts of the carpet and say, "Hey, what's that? There's a bed in here? Honey! We can stop looking on Craigslist for a new bed! There's one in here!" You never know what kind of treasures you'll uncover as you de-clutter your home. So what are you waiting for? Go do something!

When it comes to organizing your home, how do you take action against clutter? What steps do you take to reduce the clutter in your home?

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Debbie Sardone

Debbie Sardone is the founder of Cleaning For a Reason which provides free cleaning services to women who are touched by cancer.  She also owns a Dallas cleaning service.

Her long-time passion for teaching cleaning and organizational has lead her to continue the legacy of Speed Cleaning and the use of green cleaning products.

She can be followed as @DebbieSardone on Twitter.

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