Family Fun: Unique Ways to Make Special Memories With Your Kids

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Do you date your kids? Sounds like a funny question to some, but in this New Year, my husband and I are making a big effort to have fun and inexpensive dates with our kids!

To create special and memorable moments with your kids, you do not have to spend a fortune!

5 Date Ideas for You and Your Kids

The following are a few ideas that we have done in the past and plan to do again this year:

1. Outdoor Fun

During the summer, my kids and I try to visit a new park each week! I call it the park tour. Sometimes we pack a lunch, enjoy a treat or ice cream, or invite friends to play! You can make it as individual or social as you want!

2. Indoor Fun

If your climate doesn't allow for outdoor play this time of the year, hit up a mall playground. To make it more exciting, you can let your child choose the mall you visit! Remember, you can pack your lunch or a special treat to eat in the mall as well! You do not have to buy an expensive treat!

3. Nap Time Fun

If you have more than one child, utilize nap time! When your younger child lies down for a nap, take that time with your older child and make it special and individualized. Maybe you get out a board game, read some special stories, or do a messy art project — do whatever will make nap time unique for you and your kid.

4. Sweet Treat Fun

Sometimes slowing down and sharing some baking/cooking together can generate some great conversations! Not only will you be working on life skills (cooking) but you will be able to talk as you prepare the treat and of course take a little extra time to chat while you enjoy the yummy treat!

5. Movie Night Fun

This fun time could be adapted in so many ways! You could surprise the kids with a morning movie while they are still in their PJs. Or, you could do an afternoon viewing of their favorite movie or simple early evening cuddle with their favorite flick! Pop some popcorn for a crunchy snack or pop a frozen pizza in the oven!

These are just a few of my favorites! Be sure to start your own 'list' of dates you want to have with your kids! Let's make this year special by creating some memorable times with our children!

How do you make special memories with your kids?

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