3 Tips to Personalizing Your iPad

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Sure you use your iPad all the time but have you really moved in and made it your own personal space? You bought your iPad, you take it out of the box, and you can start immediately, it’s a girl’s dream gadget but just because it works does not mean it reflects your own personal style and meets your personal needs. A house is not a home without a woman’s touch and so it’s you with the iPad. It needs a little finessing to really make it yours.

Check out the the vlog below on how to make your new iPad more personal and customized for you! Here are some fast and easy changes you watch Carley Knobloch of DigiTwirl make in a matter of minutes to customize her iPad.

Nothing is as personal like a picture of your dog, kids, crush, or your brand new company logo. Next time you sync with iTunes make sure you have at least one photo album or event checked so that some photos syncs to your iPad.

What good are all those apps if they are hard to find and if they are in the wrong spot. Move those app icons around on your home page. Tap and hold an app for a couple of seconds and the whole lot starts to shimmy, they are now ready to move around as you please.

Thanks to the iTune Genius feature that knows how to recommend music based on the songs that you love. Click on a song you want to hear and have itunes build the genius playlist around it, using songs from your library that sound great together.

Do you have an iPad? When did you get it? What do you use it most for? Have you customized it yet? If so, share some of your favorite tips. Join the Conversations on our Mom It Forward Forum about iPads:"Let's Talk Tablets" + "iPad Cases"

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