Craft: How to Make 4×4 Wood Pumpkins


Hi, I’m Kaysi from Keeping it Simple and I’m so excited to be here today to show how I made these fun 4x4 pumpkins. I love decorating with wood, it’s so easy and so inexpensive. Plus, they make great indoor and outdoor decorations.

4x4 pumpkin (8)

How to Make 4x4 Wood Pumpkins


  • 4x4 pieces of wood
  • Saw
  • Orange and green spray paints
  • Tree branch
  • Wire
  • Raffia
  • Hot glue gun


I got my 4x4 wood on clearance at a home improvement store. A full piece of 4x4 wood is actually pretty expensive, so whenever I see these in the clearance section, I always get them. These two were $.51 each.

4x4 pumpkin (1)

Using my miter saw, I cut the 4x4 to the sizes that I wanted. 12”, 8” and 4.5”.

4x4 pumpkin (2)

I then put a couple coats of spray paint on them.

4x4 pumpkin (3)

For the stems, I used a cut up branch, spray painted green wire, and raffia.

4x4 pumpkin (4)

I glued the stems, wire, and raffia onto the wood using a glue gun.

4x4 pumpkin (6)

And now I have some fun pumpkins, perfect for my fall décor!

4x4 pumpkin (7)

You could easily add paper or glitter to the pumpkins to dress them up a little, too. I just went with something simple.

4x4 pumpkin (8)
What are some fun ways you can dress up your wood pumpkins?
Kaysi is a stay-at-home mom of four little kids.  She loves to do anything crafty, especially super easy and simple crafts that can be done in an afternoon.  She loves to teach and inspire other people to create, so you will find lots of tutorials on her blog.
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