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5 Simply Powerful Ways You May Already Be Making a Difference

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Kalyani Roldan Superhero MOMpreneurs Making a Difference

I’ve got the most relieving news for you super hero moms... making a difference in our world is actually easier than you may think. In fact, you may already be raising the consciousness of humanity, animals, and our planet everyday.

I’m pretty sure by now we’re all doing our part to Reduce + Reuse + Recycle + Give + Preserve + Conserve... yet sometimes we think that we aren’t able to make a big impact in our world because we aren’t doing big bold things like digging wells or building schools or running animal sanctuaries or volunteering at senior centers or organizing trash clean up days, etc.

I want to share some unconventional truth (cuz that’s how I roll) about five simple, yet powerful ways that you can (if you’re not already) totally rock your life, your family’s, and everyone around you!

Be a Mentor of Magnifcence

We are a verb MOMs... not a title. Everyday our precious babes look to us as the example of their norm (even though we MOMs often times feel totally CRAZAY) so celebrate the beauty of your life as it is at every moment... because it’s always Divinely guided.

Be Sexy + Savvy + Successful

Sometimes we put too much emphasis on “finding” our calling instead of stepping into the calling we are in and living full out! Know that where you are right now is exactly what you’re being called to be + do + have + give. And being a greater version of yourself is a daily adventure, but it doesn’t mean you aren’t good enough just the way you are.

Live Simply Extraordinary

We’ve been living in an era (that’s shifting) where society works at programming us to believe that buying more of the latest and greatest stuff is the ultimate goal of a happy life. We all know this is total crap! It’s time for us to cultivate deeper meaning with our time + engage more within our families + collect experiences not stuff + eliminate mindless, meaningless errands and TV.

Choose Happy

Because happy people are naturally more sexy. It’s really a choice moment by moment everyday and a muscle that wants to be exercised... so play + laugh + do daily practice + take congruent actions everyday. And get the awesome happier app for the whole family.

Be a Movement

Have a vision bigger than you and be inspiration in action everyday with purposeful intention to be in gratitude + commune with the love and wisdom of animals and nature + release the need to judge anyone or anything.

What I’m saying is that I believe the most significant contribution we can make is with the way we live our lives every day; with the conscious choices and decisions that make up our moment by moment life starting with ourself and our family then extending out to others... this is how we truly make the greatest difference.




What ways are you and your already making a difference in your community?

Kalyani Roldan MOMpreneurs 5 Simple Yet Powerful Ways You May Already Be Making a Difference Kalyani is a passionate MOMpreneur (for 18+ years) and LIFEschooler (for 12+ years) that believes moms should get paid to do what they love (being a MOM). Stop by her blog to learn more.
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