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5 Ways To Power Through Obstacles

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How many times have you heard the phrase life isn't fair or why is it always me? We have all probably said this one time or another, particularly when we are in the midst of a tough obstacle. Getting out of bed in the morning is a small dip in your path, easily conquered with a little bit of force. It's the big ditches and steep hills that seem truly daunting as we take in the enormity of their presence. Sometimes it takes sheer power to get through the obstacles in our life.


Powering through obstacles in your life are times of growth, painful growth most of the time. With the right tools, an insurmountable steep hill and sheer drop become a vantage point displaying the beauty around you.

I recently had the opportunity to explore Southern Utah atop an ATV at our Family Forward Weekend Adventure, an experience that had me slightly nervous from the get go. Feeling comfortable with the mechanics of the ATV took a bit of stop and go, but eventually I was cruising along a leisurely path. And then just as with life, once I was comfortable with the level of navigation; an unexpected obstacle lay before us. A ditch that seemed more like a chasm ready to eat me whole.  How can you power through obstacles that appear canyon sized?

5 Ways To Power Through Obstacles

  1. Familiarize yourself with the tools you have at your disposal: Learning and mastering all the knobs, grips, breaks, and steering seemed daunting but testing each one out, made me more comfortable with the ATV. Just as taking an inventory of what you have in your life will lead to you being more comfortable to use them in your daily life
  2. Identify the obstacles in your way and make the active decision that you can surpass it: Overcoming your fear is half the battle. A quick decision to jump in and conquer keeps you from teetering on the edge.
  3. Make a plan: Strategy is the name of the game and as you identify the obstacles, make note of its shape and the path that you will take. Sitting atop the ATV I took the time to strategize which path I would take as I powered my ATV up the cliff face.
  4. Just do it: Stop saying you are going over the edge and barrel down in a blaze of glory with a holler. Don't forget to use those knobs and gears as you power through obstacles and become a champion.
  5. Celebrate: Once you have rambled over and conquered, take a breath atop your hill to observe the new view you have and the beauty surrounding you.

Check out our video full of the adventures from Family Forward: Weekend Adventure at Zion Ponderosa. For more details of how you and your family can have fun together, go to for more information.

How do you power through obstacles?

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