Ecuador: What to do on a Family Vacation to Ecuador

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An adventure waits foreign family travel, especially in the moist rainforests of Ecuador. It is a perfect location for families to discover a different culture while enjoying scenic landscapes. Fly into Guayaquil, Ecuador, to see the city and branch out from there to your preferred sites and activities.

Incan Ruins

Incan ruins are high in the mountainous jungle. Though the trip is a long and windy one, the view out your window is absolutely breathtaking. It is also an awesome opportunity to see a different culture as you pass many natives herding cows and going about their daily business. Don’t forget jackets because it gets chilly at the top.


Food is a whole experience in and of itself. Ecuador is on the coast so there is an abundance of inexpensive sea food. They also have delicious bananas everywhere you go, usually for free because of the great quantity. A must-have are the homemade ice cream pops sold in almost every store. Absolutely delicious!

Cascadas de Manuel

“Cascadas de Manuel” is a beautiful hike through the rainforest that leads to eight different waterfalls. The trail has tunnels and ropes to help you climb, since it’s so wet but the hike itself isn’t too rough. The water is deep enough to swim in, so wear your swimsuits! Tip: Be prepared to get muddy.

The Beach

Salinas is the beach town about two hours from Guayaquil. Fun eating and shopping line the beach front along with affordable hotels.

Important Tip: Be sure to carry your own toilet paper with you as most restrooms don’t have any.

Have you ever traveled out of country with your family? Where is your favorite place to visit?

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