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Family Fun: Tillamook Cheese’s Loaf Love Tour Rolls Through Salt Lake City

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Family Fun—Raise your hand if you're a little addicted to cheese? I have two hands in the air. Can you feel the obsession oozing out of my computer screen into yours? So imagine the excitement I felt when I learned that Tillamook Cheese was rolling through Salt Lake City as part of their Loaf Love Tour (literally... check out this cute convertible VW van).

They hosted a family afternoon in the park, where they had a grilled cheese sandwich making competition. The prize? A year's supply of Tillamook Cheese. I got a little nervous and instead had @TroyPattee make one for our family to enter. He called it the Tillamook's Hotter Than Hellamook sandwich and won the Most Creative category, earning us a Tillamook Cheese Cookbook and lots of coupons for free cheese. Awesome!

They had lots of ingredients to choose from: tomatoes, mushrooms, asparagus, artichoke hearts, red peppers, pesto, mayonnaise, spicy mustard, and more. They also had four types of cheese: cheddar, monterrey jack, sharp cheddar, and pepper jack. Of course, Troy chose all the hot ingredients to match the name of his sandwich. He even put some jalapeno potato chips on his sandwich.

The best part? He didn't even have to grill it. They had a catering company there to take care of that. I wanted to bring them home with me. A personal chef? What's not to love?

I chose a simpler option: cheddar, monterrey jack, mushrooms, and artichoke hearts. Mmmmmm! Notice how delicious it was by the fact that it is missing from this picture! (Yep! I ate it that fast!)

A perfectly sunny day + playing in the park + yummy food (including cheese) + friends new and old + uninterrupted family time + fun and yummy prizes = an amazing, and delicious, afternoon outing for our family!

What's your favorite way to eat cheese? What is your favorite grilled cheese sandwich recipe?

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