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St. Patrick’s Day: How to Catch a Leprechaun

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St. Patrick’s Day is treated as almost any other holiday in my house. I mean, if you’re going to wear green, wear green. If you’re going to eat green, eat lots of green and if you are going to be green, live green! But of course, if the leprechauns are going to come, let them come!

Leprechauns are creatures of trickery with powers they can use for either good or evil. They come bearing gifts or anticipating destruction. If you invite them correctly, they are more likely to be kind to your home but if you forget or insult them, they might make a mess or won’t come at all.

shamrock painted on a concrete wall by stairs

If you want leprechauns to come, they must be invited. As kids, we came up with many ideas as to how we could attract the leprechauns to our house. After experimenting, I think one of the many conclusions we came to was that they don’t like peanut butter. Experiment with different items, sounds, smells, etc. to find out what best attracts leprechauns to your house.

If you do it right, they’ll often leave chocolate coins scattered around the house, but if not, there will be a mess!

Chocolate Coins

One thing must be remembered, though. Never try to catch or trick a leprechaun, this is mischievous magic we’re dealing with. No one wants to be on a leprechaun’s bad side.

What traditions do you have in your family for St. Patrick's Day?

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