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Minecraft Birthday Party Decorations

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Looking for the perfect Minecraft birthday party decorations? Look no further. We've got you and your themed birthday party needs covered.

Minecraft Birthday Party Decorations

If they had a show called "So you think you CAN'T craft!" I'd win. I am so horrible at anything related to crafting, especially coming up with something like Minecraft birthday party decorations. So, I went to the expert: my neighbor, Jessica! It takes a village not only to raise a child, but to help him have a happy 10th birthday party. And Jessica was the village chief with her birthday party decoration expertise.

This post is the second in a three-part series on creating the perfect Minecraft themed birthday party. Post one shares tips for creating the perfect Minecraft birthday party cake. And post three includes ideas for providing awesome Minecraft birthday party favors.

Tips for Creating the Perfect Minecraft Birthday Party Decorations

Here are a few things Jessica did that made all the difference when creating Minecraft birthday party decorations:
1. She did hours of research by looking at the game, checking out pins on Pinterest, and asking her 10-year-old daughter for her advice and feedback.
2. Based on her research, she created a backdrop to set the tone. She purchased paper to give the backdrop a pixelated effect and pieced it together with key characters and design elements from the game. Connor's favorite part of the backdrop? Butter, of course!, which we just learned was another name for "gold."

Minecraft Birthday Party Decorations

3. From squirt guns and water bottles to square boxes and plates and napkins, Jessica infused elements of the game into every aspect of the Minecraft birthday party decorations.


4. She tied in the backdrop and the decor in a way that made a statement as birthday party guests joined the party (see image at the top).

Ideas for Infusing Minecraft Birthday Party Decorations Into Party Gifts

Along with her Minecraft birthday party decorations, she also created a Minecraft-themed towel that we could give as a gift to the birthday boy to go along with his backyard water party. This was a perfect addition as it allows him to reminisce on his Minecraft birthday party ever time he uses the towel.

Minecraft Towel

 Seeing the jaw-dropping expressions from the party attendees was proof that she hit a home run with her decor.

What are your tips and tricks to creating the perfect kids birthday party themed decorations?

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