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4 Pet-Friendly Family Activities for Fall {Giveaway}

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With the rush of the holiday season, how do you create ways to spend quality time with your loved ones?

To encourage families to take a fresh look at their daily routines, Shout® developed the “Reprogramming America for Fun” App on Facebook this fall. Upon log-in, the app integrates each user’s name and profile photo into a short, personalized video all about seizing the moment, setting you free to start living out loud and having fun, without the worry of getting a little messy.

Shout® has also partnered with Olympian Jennie Finch to identify ways that families can live life to the fullest. Jennie has created a few tips to help you ‘Reprogram Your Daily Routine’ and live life out loud, and her first tip centers all around being present with each other by unplugging from electronics and letting loose without worrying about getting a little messy.

Focusing family activities around our dog is one way we make time for those who matter most in November. Not only do these activities help us unplug from electronics and get us either out of the house or out in the fresh air (or both!), but they help us create meaningful memories that last a lifetime.

4 Family Friendly Activities You Can Do With Your Pets

Here are four family friendly activities, involving your pets, that you can do during the month of November, creating memories you'll be grateful for all year long:

  1. Visit a local dog park. If you have a dog, let him or her run loose in a dog park while the whole family enjoys the fun. Make this a weekly occurrence for added fun.
  2. Go on a scavenger hunt at your local pet store. Many pets are allowed in pet stores. Find one that allows your pet and create a scavenger hunt for your kids. With your pet in tow, visit the store, go on the scavenger hunt, and let each person, including your pet, get a treat before returning home.
  3. Take a daily family walk around your neighborhood with your pet. Walking is a simple activity that helps you unplug, get outdoors, and bond as a family. Add more fun to the walks by coming up with a daily theme and asking and answering questions based on that theme. Be sure to take turns walking or holding the pet.
  4. Go on a family photo walk. Go to your favorite park or other location that allows pets. Provide each family member with his or her own camera. Select a word and walk around the area, taking pictures of things that represent that word. Before you come home, stop and take pictures of the family as well as your pet. After you get home, review all the pictures and see how everyone's perspective is different and valuable.

Creating meaningful moments sometimes can get a little messy. Activities that you remember the most may not always be all buttoned up, but rather out of the box, spontaneous, or quirky.

What does your family do to live life to the fullest?


Whether you choose to go to the dog park, go on a scavenger hunt at a local pet store, take a daily walk around your neighborhood, go on a family photo walk, or all of the above, here's a few things you can enter for a chance to win that will help you create fun fall traditions with your family (ARV: $200).
  • A Canon digital camera to capture experiences
  • Shout® trigger and Shout® wipes
  • Tools to create your own scare crow
  • Shout® branded apron for crafting

Giveaway Requirements

Go to the Shout' Reprogramming America Facebook app ( and click on the Get Reprogrammed button to create your own custom “Reprogramming America for Fun” video. Then, complete the following to be entered for a chance to win the giveaway:

  • Leave a comment on this blog post answering the question, "What changes will you make to seize the moment (even if it means getting messy) and live life out loud?"

Giveaway Terms

One winner will be chosen using Giveaway closes at 5 p.m. PT on November 19, 2012. Click to see the official terms of this giveaway.

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