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Family Fun: It’s Fall Fun for All!

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It’s already fall? What? Yes! Summer is a memory and school is back in session. Routines, schedules, and extracurricular activities are in full force … AGAIN. What to do? Have fun! Fall is a great season for fun family activities to break up the daily grind. There are so many possibilities before the winter sets in and a whole new set of fun activities!

  Three kids sitting on a wood fence in front of fall leaves

Fun Fall Family Activities

Enjoy Nature

Nature is a great learning opportunity as well as tons of fun!

  • Nature walks
  • Nature scavenger hunts
  • Hiking or cycling
  • Family sports (soccer or football)



Cook Together

Cooking is a great chance to teach your kids a skill and spend quality time together. Open up those cookbooks (or dust them off, in my case).

  • Halloween treats
  • Thanksgiving recipes
  • Homemade applesauce or cider
  • Pumpkin or apple pie



Craft Time!

Crafts are fun, educational, and there are endless possibilities.


Explore your local area for fun. You never know what you’ve been missing right next door!

  • Visit a pumpkin patch
  • Pick apples at a local orchard
  • Fly kites at a local park
  • Camp out in your own backyard (don’t forget the smores!)


Grab a Book or a Pen

Read & Write with your kids for fun!

Hopefully this list has helped you think and imagine of all the possibilities for fun this fall.

What are your ideas for fun this fall?

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