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Activities: Family Traditions During the Fall Season

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Traditions—As we approach that time of year when extended family plays perhaps a more prominent role in the celebrations of the season, we may look about us for ways to reinvent stagnant traditions, or for ideas for activities that can become traditions.

The Maghanoy family suggests these "family olympic" activities if you live in a warmer climate or have a large extended family:

  •  Newspaper Dance: Similar to Musical Chairs, this activity revolves around a piece of newspaper, unfolded and laid out on the grass for family members to dance around until the music stops. When it does, everyone puts a foot or other body part on the newspaper. Then, someone folds the newspaper piece down a little bit. Dance, step, and fold again, until only one family member—the winner—remains.
  • Sponge Relay: Form two lines, with a table at the front and end of each line. Each team needs a big sponge and a water bucket on the front table, and an empty water bottle on the back one.  The front member of each team then soaks the sponge and passes it back carefully, and each team member relays it on as delicately as possible so as to lose as little water as possible. The back team member squeezes what water remains into the bottle, then team members rotate. When all members have had a turn at the front, the buzzer sounds, the water levels in the bottles are compared, and the team with the highest wins.
  • Going to Market Relay: Team members don bonnets, skirts, and baskets, and run a small obstacle course on the way to the "market" and back. The first team to have all members do this wins.
  • Floatie Relay: Again, family members divide into two teams. Each team has three inflatable donut-shaped floaties. Each member progresses to the finish line step-by-step placing one foot inside a floatie, a floatie in front, then a foot in that floatie, etc. The first team to have all members make it to the end floatie-footed wins.

These are just a few simple ideas. To see a full video of the Maghanoy's Family Tournament Day or to share your own ideas for Fall traditions, click this link.

What family traditions does your family have during the fall season? How does your family stay active during the chilly months?

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