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5 Ways to Make the 4th of July Fun

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Independence Day is one of my favorite holidays—always has been since I was a kid myself. The loud booms and bright colors of the celebrations of the day make it a standout. While fireworks are an important, if not essential, part of the celebration, there are other ways as well to make the day fun with your family.


4th of July Fun

1. Fireworks
The bright lights of the holiday are a must and an obvious for the top of the list. For the bigger celebrations, you'll probably have to try a few events before you find your favorite spot. My family likes to head to our local drive-in movie theater where we can lay on the hood of our car and watch the fireworks as they erupt directly above us. It's as close as you can get while being safe.

2. Geocaching
Getting the kids outside is important for the occasion, and for all summer long, actually. With Geocaching, it's the thrill of the hunt and a surprise all in one since you never know exactly what treasure you'll come across. You can find coordinates to geocaches online, or for easier access on the go use the apps for your phone.

3. Road Trip
What better way to make the most of the day than to go somewhere new? Road trips don't have to be long and tedious. 90 minutes will get us to a big city with a great zoo my kids love to visit. You don't even need to take that long, however. Find a park in the next town over or check out historical landmarks close by.

4. Ice Cream Party
Anyone can do barbecues, and those are well and good. But it's the dessert afterwards that hits the spot. You also need a treat to help you cool down during a hot day. This is why a festive ice cream party is such a great idea! Try this Patriotic Ice Cream Cone Wrapper or these Spangled Sandwich Pops to make your ice cream that much more fitting for the celebration.

5. Arts & Crafts
If your kids are big into arts and crafts, there are a number of great ideas to make. A site like Pinterest will help you find many fun suggestions, plus you can also find a plethora of Independence Day coloring pages to print just by doing a quick Google search. My tutorial for making homemade play-dough uses Kool-aid colors to create a patriotic effect. I've also found instructions to make your own flag T-shirts or even a 4th of July Hat.

The most important thing you can do to ensure 4th of July fun, however, is to stay safe. Always use caution, especially when dealing with fireworks.

What are your 4th of July family traditions?

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