6 Tips to Forming Amazing Friendships

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How much time do you spend investing in your friendships?

Gretchen Rubin, author of the Happiness Project, is focusing her October theme on Friendship, because she found in her studies on happiness that strong relationships—friendships included—is one of the keys to happiness.

Do you ever feel too busy for friends? Before you answer that question, analyze: What are the friendships like with the women in your life?

Do you have a lifetime of memories similar to the group of girls in "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants"? Or are you bonded by hardship like the ladies of "Boys on the Side"?

And now ask yourself: How do these relationships enhance my life?

For me? The pillars in my life, lovingly referred to as the "Fab 5", resemble a mix of "Sex and the City" meets "The Women" meets "A League of Their Own."

Considering that among the five of us you'll find a Physical Therapist, a Dental Hygienist, a Home Schooling Mom, the Ultimate Sports Mom, and a Mompreneur, that we not only find time to get together but regularly make laugh-out-loud memories is pretty amazing!

Building Strong Friendships

Building strong friendships is a choice. Here are six ways to start today:

1. Surround yourself with women you adore: It's much easier to choose time with friends over "responsibilities" if the friends are people you want to be around.

2. Let go of perfection: We have a semi-standing Friday Morning Breakfast date. Sometimes, there are only two of us there. And that is just fine.

3. Come as you are: When we are together, there are times when one of us desperately needs to let go of their stress for a few hours. Immediately, everyone begins focusing on laughter, encouragement, and allowing others the space to let go.

4. Consider what everyone likes: Even though we are all very diverse in our chosen professions, we all love watching movies, eating great food, and chatting away an evening with some great wine.

5. Know what you need from the friendships: Being aware of what the benefits are can really help you leave a few loads of laundry go in exchange for a girl's night.

6. Most importantly, make time for dating your friends: I promise you, they'll be the ones laughing at you when your hospital gown comes open!

What are ways you make time to nurture your friendships with busy schedules?

April Welch is a Mental Clutter Expert | Mom of 2 boys | Wife to 1 Fireman | Horrible Cook | Loyal Friend | National Public Speaker who gives you permission to be imperfect.
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Mental Clutter Expert | Mom of 2 boys | Wife to 1 Fireman | Horrible Cook | Loyal Friend | National Public Speaker who gives you permission to be imperfect


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