66 Valentine Ideas – Printables, Treats, Crafts, and More!


Valentine's Day is less than a month away and you can never have too many good ideas for celebrating, right? Here is the best of the best, our favs, the ones we LOVE. We hope all these awesome Valentine ideas will inspire you to enjoy Valentine's Day more than you did last year. I believe it is all about creating a meaningful "I Love You" for the your favorite people.

Valentine Ideas - Printables, Treats, Crafts, and More..

66 Valentine Ideas

Valentine Treats

Let's start with the treats. Valentine's Day wouldn't be Valentine's Day without something sweet. After trying a few of these, you won't be able to stop.

Valentine Treats

Red Velvet Cake with M&M Cookies from Tips from a Typical Mom Blog - Have you seen the Red Velvet M&Ms at the store? This recipe will get your taste buds going.

Pink Cherry Sugar Cookies with Vanilla Frosting Dip from Jen's Favorite Cookies - Nothing says Valentine's Day than a sugar cookie. Try this pink maraschino cherry version. It will be your new favorite recipe.

Candy Cane Chocolate Heart Suckers from Mom It Forward - These suckers are the perfect mix of chocolate and pepper

Yogurt Covered Strawberries from The Guavalicious Life - Nothing says Valentine's Day like strawberries. Here is a fun twist on the the tradition chocolate covered recipe. You will enjoy using healthy Greek yogurt to make these little beauties.

Simple Stacked Sugar Cookies from Amy on the Prairie -  Sugar cookies are the rage during Valentines. Here is a fun spin on a traditional sugar cookie.

Penguin Love Valentines Treat from This Mama Loves - Everyone loves penguins and they will love this fun penguin treat too. They are super easy to make.

Chocolate Graham Crackers from One Sweet Appetite - If you are a chocolate lover, these little wafers are light and yummy.

Vanilla Cherry Chocolate Chex Mix from Tips from a Typical Mom Blog - If you like making easy recipes, you have to try this one. It is not your typical Chex Mix recipe.

Peanut Butter Pucker Up Cookies from Staying Close to Home - This cute cookie will satisfy your peanut butter and chocolate craving in a fun way.

Sweetheart Fudge from I Dig Pinterest - This yummy fudge recipe only has two ingredients in it. It is the perfect little treat to give to friends or each your self.

Cupids Crunch from This Mama Loves - This recipe has popcorn, pretzels and M&Ms. What else do you need?

How to Make Chocolate Covered Strawberries from Tips from a Typical Mom Blog - Chocolate strawberries are a Valentines favorite. This recipe will be a staple for your holiday party.

Valentine's Day Activities

Here are some fun ideas for how to spend time with your family or your loved one during Valentines.

Valentine Activities

Valentine's Day Family Style from Organized Island - If you wanting to celebrate Valentines family style, this post has some fun ideas that you can do together.

How to Plan a School Valentine Party from Nicole Laws via Mom It Forward - Here are some fun ways to make sure you child's school class has fun at their Valentine party.

Giving Your Loved One a Healthy Heart Attack from Mom It Forward - Show your loved one how much you care this year but giving them a healthy heart attack.

5 Fun Family Outing for Valentines from Jocelyn Lieppman - Looking for some fun ways to get out on the town for Valentines? Here are 5 fund ideas.

Love Photo Booth printable from Mom It Forward - These fun photo props can be used at any party. They are festive, fun, and playful.

5 Family Friendly Activities for Valentine's Day from Robin Greene - In case you need a few more ideas of how to spend Valentines with your family and make it fun, here are 5 more ways.

5 Inexpensive Day Date Ideas from 7 On a Shoe String via Mom It Forward - Here are some fun ways to spend time with the one you love without breaking the bank.

Valentine Printables and Cards

Everyone loves to get a card for Valentines. Here are some cute printable and card ideas.

Valentine Printables & Cards

Owl Valentines Printable {printable} from Artsy Fartsy Mama - Forget the store bought Valentines. These super colorful printables are easy to print out and attach to your favorite treat. Score!

Classroom Valentines {gift tags} from Marci Coombs - Here are some tags to put on your classroom valentine's gifts. Saying "I Love You" is so easy with these tags.

Potato Heart Print {kids cards} from There's Magic Out There - This is a fun way to make stamped cards. So creative.

Teacher Valentines {printables} from Mom It Forward - This fun card is the perfect way to tell your teacher how much you love them.

Scratch Off Valentine's Card {kids cards} from Making the World Cuter - This is a fun twist on a regular card. Everyone like to do scratch offs.

Valentine Chalkboard Subway Art {printable} from Mom It Forward - This fun printable is perfect to display in you home, or print off as a card.

Audrey Hepburn Quote {printable} from Savvy and Sassy - Here is a fun printable would be really cute displayed in your home at Valentines.

Think You're Pretty Kool {printables} from Our Thrifty Ideas - This is a fun Valentine card for your friends at school.

Valentines Cards {printables} from Making the World Cuter - Here are some Valentines cards to give to your friends.

Valentines Subway Art {printable} from Tips From A Typical Mom Blog - Here is a fun ideas for a card.

Valentine's Day Magnets {printable} from Mom It Forward - Here are some magnets for your kiddos.

Lunch Box Printables {printable} from Mom It Forward - Here are some printables you can put in your child's lunch to tell them you love them.

Valentine Decorations

Decorating your home for Valentines is a great way to make sure the love juices are flowing for the month. Here are some simple ideas to get you excited about February 14th.

Valentines Day Decorations

DIY Valentine's Day Fabric Door Wreathe from Stuff Parents Need - Put a little love on your front door with this fabric door wreathe. Your neighbors will be begging you to make them one too.

Valentine Ornament Wreathe from Mommy is Coo Coo - This wreathe is made out of left over Christmas bulbs. Great recycling project.

Valentine Banner from Mom It Forward - This festive banner will brighten any room during the holidays.

Valentine's Day Bookpage Garland from Restoration Redoux - Looking for a unique garland to hang up for Valentines Day? This one is sure to look good in anyone's home.

Valentine Candle from Carolyn's Homework - Here is a fun way to take an ordinary candle and make make a Valentine decoration out of it.

Valentine's Day Candy Jar from Mom It Forward - We all like sweets at Valentines. Here is a fun way to showcase them.

Valentine's Day DIY Hearts from There's Magic out There - This wall art is made out of recycled toilet paper rolls.

Decoupage Heart from Caroly's Homework - Here is a fun way to decorate plastic hearts with decoupage.

Cupcake Linder Wreathe from Staying Close to Home - This wreathe was under $10.00 and is probably something you could make with materials from your cupboard.

Valentine Recipes

If you are looking to add a little spark to your recipes during Valentines, here are some great ways to carry the holiday into every meal.

Valentine Recipes

Gluten Free Valentine Pancakes from This Mama Loves - Start out your Valentines right by making delicious, healthy pancakes.

Foods That Express Love from Mom It Forward - Here is a meal round up post with foods that we love. Get ready to get inspired.

Heart Shaped Pizza from Modern Style Mama via Mom It Forward - Take an ordinary pizza and make it festive by putting it in the shape of the hear.

Heart Healthy Foods from Snacking in the kitchen - Celebrate heart health month by serving up some foods that are good for your heart.

Valentine Pancakes from This Mama Loves - Here is a fun ways to incorporate red and pink into your meal. There are almost too cute to eat.

Love is in the Air from Mom It Forward - Here are a few more recipes that might bring a little love into the air on Valentine's Day.

Valentine Crafts for Mom & the Kids

Valentines Day Crafts are the funnest. Here are some fun ways to get you family excited about the big day.

Valentine Crafts

Easy Valentine Crafts for Kids {Kids crafts} from Miss Frugal Mommy - These fun ideas are for all ages. Make Valentine garland, heart bracelets, homemade cards, and more.

Climbing Love Bug {kids crafts} from All For The Boys - This is a really fun craft for little kids. Make a bug out of paper that actually moves.

Owl Valentine {kids crafts} from This Simple Home - Everyone loves owl Valentines. Here is a fun way use them in a kids craft.

Heart Shaped Crochet Potholder from We Keep Choosing Us via Mom It Forward - This is a fun heart patterned pot holder. Make one for yourself or a friend.

My Heart is Like a Zoo Book {kids crafts} from This Simple Home - Here is a fun way to make animals with hearts.

Valentines Pail from I Dig Pinterest - This a fun idea for your kids to collect their Valentines.

Valentine Twig Arrows from Carolyn's Homework - These fun arrows can be used anywhere. They can be attached to a package, put on display, or sent with a note.

CD Mosaic Heart from Brie Brie Blooms via Mom It Forward - This is fun way to use old CDs and make a heart  masterpiece.

Love Day Mini Mailbox {kids crafts} from I Dig Pinterest - This is a fun ways to collect all your Valentines.

Hearts out of Recycled Crayons {kids crafts} from Random Handprints via Mom It Forward -  This is a fun way to use up old crayons.

Valentine Wreathe from Pink Cake Plate via Mom It Forward - This is the perfect little beauty to put on your front door.

Valentine Gift Ideas

Here are some ideas for giving your Valentine the perfect gift on February 14th.

Valentine Gifts

Cupids Arrows from This Mama Loves - This is a fun way to give a non candy valentine.

10 Easy Homemade Valentine Ideas from Keeping It Simple Crafts - This post is loaded with some fun Valentine ideas. Have fun!

Valentine Treat Boxes from Chippasunshine - This would be the perfect little box to give away as a Valentine gift.

I Mustache You from Chippasunshine - Nothing says Happy Valentine's Day like a mustache.

Frugal Valentines Day Gifts from Savings Mania - This post has some great gift ideas on any budget.

Glittered Heart Sidewalk Chalk from Savvy and Sassy - This would be a fun glittery gift for your Valentine.

Branch Photo Holder from Carolyn's Homework - This would be a really fun way to say I love you to your sweetheart.

Love Note Flip Book from Spoonful via Mom It Forward - Here is a fun way to tell your loved one all they reasons why you love them.

Coupon Booklets from Frugal Experiments via Mom It Forward - This is a fun way to make a homemade gift for your Valentine. Let the love go on and on.

Happy Valentine's Day!

 What are some of your favorite ways to celebrate Valentine's Day?

Pictures in Valentine activities section courtesy of Flickr. Pictures in recipe section courtesy of Lovely Pantry, Cheeky Kitchen and isthisReallymylife.

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