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This dandelion fingerprint art is easy to make with your children, and makes beautiful decor. You can make it with your child to hang at home which will build confidence in them and instill a sense of pride as well as fostering their creativity. For a special gift, give to a grandparent, or hang in a new baby's room to make them part of the process of preparing for a new sibling.

Make a Fingerprint Dandelion Canvas - super cute craft for kids to make their own wall art

Children ages 2 and up will enjoy getting their hands dirty, and making this fun and simple dandelion craft. This is a perfect spring or summer craft to celebrate the beauty of nature on those frustrating days when you can't be outside.

Supplies For a Dandelion Canvas Print:

... and of course some willing fingers!

Supplies for Fingerprint Dandelion Wall Print (Just add kids)

Making the Dandelion

Pour your white paint onto the paper plate, and start making finger prints. Guide your child if needed to group their fingerprints into a circle area near the top of the canvas.

How Kids Can Make the Dandelion Art Print.

Make a large circle of fingerprints, and a few that are off to one side, as if they are blowing away. An odd number usually looks best so we've added three dots blowing across the top of the print.

Group your fingerprints in a circle

Once you've made all your dots, let the kids wash their hands.

Painting the Stems and Grass

Depending on their age, they can help paint in the stem and the grass. Use a loose touch to add the grass on the bottom of the canvas in little tufts as shown. The dandelion stem will be a bolder, thicker stroke.

Paint the stems and grass

Add stems to the bottom of any fingerprints seeds that are blowing away. Use your dark paint to create a small line from each. The line should be thick at the bottom, and get thinner as it gets closer to the top.

Make the floating dandelion seeds

Allow your new dandelion fingerprint art to fully dry before hanging or framing the print.

Finished kid-friendly dandelion canvas painting

Then hang in a place of honor!

A wall print to be proud of - unique and easy to make and one of a kind

This is a total win/win craft. All ages can participate, it's easy to make, and looks fabulous. A wall art canvas print to be proud of!

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