Crafty School Binders for Personalized School Supplies


Decorated Binders you can make yourself for personalized school supplies

Whether you're buying new binders or reusing binders from last year, there is no reason to show up with plain binders on the first day of school. With a few simple supplies you can make this school binder craft to transform an ordinary, inexpensive 3-ring binder into a fun and trendy binder.

Decorated School Binders and Folders

I'm going to share with you two different ways to dress up your plain binders. With paint and with stickers you can make yourself.

Here are the needed suppliesĀ for this school binder craft:

  • Binder
  • Painter's Tape (for a fun look try shape tape)
  • Paint and Paint pen in contrasting colors
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • Duck Tape Sheets

Supplies for decorated binders

Let's start by painting a frame on one binder. Use the tape to mark off the edges of the binder.

Tape around edges to create a border

Make a second box inside the first. Cut the corners as needed.

Trim tape ends as you create a second frame.

Paint the area between the stripes. It may take more than one coat.

Paint in the frame - More than one coat may be needed.

While the paint is still damp, peel away the painter's tape. Try not to peel away too much of the paint - you might peel away some, that will get fixed in the next step.

Use your gold painter's pen to draw around the edge of the painted frame. This covers up any uneven edges from peeling up the painter's tape.

Use a painters pen to draw over the edges

If you used a clear-front pocket folder, you can slip in a photo or class schedule.

Cut Duck Tape shapes for a clear cover binder

Using a pen or marker, draw your desired shapes or letters on the back of the Duck Tape sheet. If you are using letters, make sure to draw the letters in reverse, since you're on the back of the sheet.

Write on back of Duck Tape sheet to make them peel and stickable

Cut your shapes and letters, creating your own stickers, then peel off the paper backing, and stick them on the binder.

Back to school binder crafts

I chose hearts for my binder - what designs will YOU choose for your own school binders?

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