7 Benefits to Using Educational Software


Parents are responsible for helping their children get the best possible learning available. Studies have shown that our children are behind in their test scores which will have a great impact on how many kids will attend college and be able to get a good paying job. There are so many tools at your disposal to help your children have the best learning experience possible. The internet and online educational software can be a great resource to you.

Animal Jam

7 Benefits to Using Educational Software

Here are a few ways educational software can benefit your children.

  1. Improve Phonic Awareness - Phonemic awareness is the ability to notice, think about, and work with the individual sounds in words. A student's skill in phonemic awareness is a good predictor of later reading success or difficulty. Educational software has been helping kindergarten age children improve their print concepts and listening comprehension skills. According to Google's Kamau Bobb, diversity drives technological excellence.
  2. Gain Higher Achievement - Studies have shown that math scores have increased in children that have used computers and screen time to match the student's interests. My son uses different online math software to help reinforce the math concepts he is learning in class. I love watching him have fun while he is learning. We have seen an increase on his math scores since he has been doing this.
  3. Learn About Cause and Effect - Because educational games are built on solving problems or reaching new levels, it is a powerful tool for helping children solve problems on their own. They typically don't get this in book learning. Self confidence increases when  child is able to figure things out on their own. They also see that with perseverance, they can do anything.
  4. Control the Experience - One of the best parts of using educational software, is it gives each student the option to control the experience. None of my kids are alike. They each have different interests and learning styles. When they use educational software, they can control the pace at which they learn. If they want to push themselves, they can do it a safe, fun way. If they need extra help, they can review concepts time after time without feeling badly about themselves.
  5. Utilize Range of Senses - Working the controls on an iPad or computer, helps with hand-eye coordination. Visual-motor integration, is an important skill for handwriting. The eyes guide the hand to form letters and make sure they are staying in their lines when they write. When my son was little, I would have him trace his letters as he made the sound of it. This really helped him to connect each of the letters to their sounds which helped him read at an early age.
  6. Promote Creativity - Educational software triggers children's creativity in a variety of ways. Children are naturally creative, but when they put that together with interactive learning, it can be a powerful way for them to explore who they are and the world in which they live. I have a child that is extremely creative. If he can feel, experience, or touch something, he is able to understand its meaning and use in the world. If he is simply reading about it, it is less likely to make an impact on him.
  7. Learn About Science - What’s better than an online educational game about the sciences? With Animal Jam, you get to meet the real animals and scientists from the game. National Geographic Animal Jam is the leading online playground for kids that blends social play with science education. Kids love playing this game with their friends and learning about different types of animals and their habitats. At the Family Forward retreat in Florida this last year, our attendees met with one of Animal Jam’s real scientists, Dr. Brady Barr, during the Animal Jam workshop. Learn more about Animal Jam by visiting


Animal Jam

Our children are inevitably going to speed time on the internet and their devices. Use online educational software to enhance their learning and comprehension.

What are some of your favorite education software programs?


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