7 Things Mothers Should Teach Their Daughters


Being a mother to a daughter is very challenging. I should know, I have been doing it for the past 15 years! 

One thing I have discovered is a relationship built on trust and honesty is one of the most important things you can ever establish with your daughter. Accomplish this and you will have a fantastic, reliable, trustworthy and respectful bond, between yourself and your daughters that will stand the test of time.

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7 Things Mother's Should Teach Their Daughters

Here are some important things that every mother should teach their daughter.

1. Have confidence in yourself

One thing we all know about girls is their penchant for feeling a lack of self worth. Whether they are comparing themselves to peers or to a magazine cover model, they are forever criticizing their appearance or their performances to that of others.  We need to reassure our girls that they are beautiful every day. Congratulate their achievements and efforts, even if the results were not what they expected. Encourage them to try new things and to breakout from their comfort zones.

2. Be your own person

Peer pressure is an ever increasing problem.  The desire to "fit in" and be popular sometimes overruns every other aspiration of a teenage girl.

Everyone has that innate desire to feel accepted and liked. We need to teach our daughters  that if you genuinely like, accept and appreciate yourself, then others will naturally flock to you. Teach them that that little "inner" voice telling them that if something feels off in a situation, then you must listen to it.

Help your daughter feel confident enough to make their own decisions without the outside influence of others.

10 things to teach your daughter

3. Respect yourself and others

I see too many teenage girls these days obsessed with boys and finding a boyfriend.  It makes me wonder why this is. Are they not getting the self validation at home and therefore need to seek it elsewhere? Do they feel incomplete if they are not part of a "couple" or are they just trying to find someone just because everyone else has a boyfriend and to be part of the crowd? If your daughter has a boyfriend, talk to her and make sure that she is not feeling pressured to do anything that she is not comfortable with. Help her to have the confidence and courage to say "NO" and encourage her to talk to you without the fear of reprisal or negativity. If she has respect for herself then others will too.  

4. Be self disciplined and self reliant

Get your daughter  to take responsibility for her own possessions, completing her homework, and helping with the household chores while she is at a young age. This will help her later in her school life to have responsibility for her own learning and also to realize that "Mum" isn't always going to be there to make her bed and wash her clothes. By doing this you are teaching her a valuable skill that will aid her in all aspects of her life and help her to become an independent young woman.

5. Talk openly and honestly  

I think one of the most important things between a parent and their daughter is to keep the lines of communication open. Teenagers, especially girls, tend to keep things bottled up inside either because they feel too embarrassed to talk about it or they believe they can handle the problem themselves,  even worse they are sometimes under the belief that if they ignore the problem and it will go away all on it's own. Don't be embarrassed or scared to talk about even the most difficult of subject matters (Dad's this includes you too!!).
If you start this at an early age, later in the teenage years they won't be afraid to come to you for advice about anything that is going on their lives.  I can't emphasize enough how very important communication is between a parent and a teenager.

6. Be a good friend 

Every girl needs a best friend, a great confidant, a person to share those life experiences with, to go shopping with, and someone who will be honest with you. A friendship just like any other relationship needs to be valued and nurtured. Yes there are going to be times that the two of them won't get along or disagree on something, but knowing how to get past those times and appreciate each other as individuals and to consider each others feelings is a valued life lesson.
Aside from any future partner or a family relationship, the "Best Friend" is probably going to be the most important person in a young girls life.

7. Write a proper "Thank You" Note 

This is one aspect of society that seems to have taken a nosedive with the advent of the internet and social media. Emails and responses on Facebook seem to the norm these days as an effective form of written communication. There is nothing nicer than receiving an official "Thank You" in the mail from a well received gift or sentiment. Taking the time to write one shows that you truly appreciate the effort made and you are happy to them let them know....old fashioned...yes.....but truly appreciated nevertheless.


10 things to teach your daughter
What do you think is the most important thing to teach your daughters?
I am a Aussie Mum to 4 daughters, ranging in age from 5 - 15 years of age. I blog all about the trials and tribulations of life raising a houseful of girls!
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