7 Tips for Shopping for Clothes Online

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Shopping for clothes online without losing your sanity - Love these tips!

Have you ever bought clothing online? Or thought about it but weren't sure how to get started? From sizing to return policies, today I am sharing 7 Tips I use when shopping for clothes online.

Thank heavens for modern technology.  I literally don't have to leave my house for days.  I can get all my social needs met thru Facebook or Instagram, I can watch TV on Hulu or YouTube.  I can even buy groceries through Amazon now if I get super desperate.  And let's not forget the clothes shopping.  Oh, the clothes shopping! If you want to take advantage of the latest shopping deals in the US, then check out myusaddress.ca for great help!

7 Tips for Online Clothes Shopping Sanity

Shopping for clothing online is truly a give and take relationship for me.  In all reality online shopping at We Are Roar has totally ruined most of my in store shopping fun.  I mean to look thru all those racks....ex-hausting.  And the internet is full of so many options. I mean if I am patient enough I literally can get clothing from all around the world. However, as amazing as it all is there are some drawbacks to shopping online.

Simplify the Online Clothes Shopping Process

Take a Peek At the Return Policy

This is well worth your while especially when you are shopping a new store.  Check for return shipping costs, restocking fees (some people get ya on these), and how long you have to return an item.  In addition try the piece of clothing on with the tags.  I'm totally guilty of ripping off the tags to throw something on for the day only to find out it is not for me.  It is a total bummer and most all stores want the tags still on when you return an item.  There are also some super cool stores out there that give you free return shipping and those are ones you definitely want to frequent.

Get Your Coupon On

Couponing isn't just for those crazy (yet cool..I'm so jealous of their skills) ladies on TLC.  I ALWAYS check for online coupon codes before I check out at any store online.  You've got your regulars like RetailmeNot and Coupons.com but sometimes it is totally worth a little more investigating to find a code on some not so popular coupon sites.  Blogs are also a good place to check for savings before checking yourself out.

Beware of Shipping Dates

Depending on when you purchase your clothes and where your clothes are shipping from you could be waiting more than a minute or two for your new duds.  This is the worst part for me and almost makes me want to shop in store....almost.  If you need something super trendy to arrive fast make sure you check how long it takes their items to ship.  Usually over seas is a good 4-5 weeks out, but sometimes a unique piece is sooo worth the wait!

Size it Right

Another downfall of shopping online is the fit.  Especially when you are shopping a store for the first time online.  I tend to do the majority of my online shopping thru stores that I already know my sizing in..but sometimes you just have to have something and your not quite sure what size to get.  Most stores these days have pretty accurate sizing guides on their sites.  In case you were wondering, the best way to measure for an accurate sizing check out the graphic below!

Online Shopping Measuring Guide - Are you doing it right before you place your order? 7 tips for clothes shopping online

After You Place Your Order

Save those Emails

I always hang onto my order and shipping confirmations.  I've only needed them a time or 2 but boy was I glad I had them!  These are basically your receipt of purchase and if your package never shows you will be hoping you have it!  If you are super organized you can even make a folder on your computer that you keep all of your "receipts" in.

Know the Store

Like I said before, shopping online at stores you have shopped in store before is a great way to avoid disappointment. Not only with the fit but with the quality and price point as well.  It really stresses me out when I pay top dollar for something and it is not the quality I was hoping.  So most of the time if I am spending larger amounts of money it is going to be at a store I know and love!

Shop Different Stores for the Same Item

Now I have to confess that I spend ridiculous amounts of time shopping items.  I scour the web for the best deal and check multiple stores before I purchase.  In this way the internet is a dream come true!  I would never spend that time driving from store to store to store to price check an item.  Online it's as easy as 1-2-3!

7 tips for clothes shopping online - Sit back, relax and order with confidence

Do you shop online or do you love the in store shopping experience?

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