Adventure Mom: Creating Dreams and Making Them Come True

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Tammy Kling in the mountains I like to think of myself as a dream maker. Whether it's helping someone write a book, share their legacy, or taking the kids on a surprise adventure, I love making dreams come true.  But I've discovered that although I am an "anything is possible" thinker, many are not.

Would your friends describe you an adventurous mom?

Just this week I invited a mom to hike a trail with me and she was on her phone the entire time. So much for peace and simplicity. What I find is that it's hard to appreciate stillness and beauty when you don't stop, look, and listen.

The day after, I took the kids on a turtle hunt and one of the neighbor kids claimed one for his own. He named it. He built a habitat. They researched the species.

But not long after that, the mom soon sent me a fear-riddled text about salmonella and turtles and why her son had to send his back over to my house!

Don't let fear guide your adventures.

If you've ever let fear guide your adventures (or lack of them) now is the time to stop.



Go take a hike.


If you're not the outdoors type, make a list of 3 things you've always wanted to do and vow to do them by the end of the year.

I've discovered that most people need a push to give them the freedom or inspiration to live their dream. Are you an adventurous thinker? Or does your life feel so scheduled and planned that it feels as if there's no room for it?

Maybe this message is for you.
Son baiting fishing pole with a hook

It's never too late to create dreams.

Maybe you need to escape to the mountains, or a nearby pond.

Leave room in the margin of life for surprises.

I left my corporate job to write books, although I'd never written anything before.

Now I'm on book number 30, living the dream.

I'm writing this on a dock while my 6 year-old baits his fishing hook with a worm, because we decided to embark on a road trip to another state today!

This summer is a good time to give your kids experiences. But its something you can do in every season.

Adventure is a state of mind.

Adventure is the elimination of fear. Adventure doesn't have to be a major flight or trip or vacation to a distant land. My neighbor went to Bora Bora recently, and yet she wouldn't dream of a hike in the woods!  How about you?

Literally. Start that business.

Put the kids in the car and go. Not necessarily on vacation to some exotic resort or country, but anywhere.

Just go.

Get dirty.

Swim in a river.

Think with no boundaries.

Write your book.

Start that blog.

Take that class.

Plant a garden.

Go back to school.

Learn to mountain bike.

Be a chef.

Seize the day!

What adventures do you have planned this summer? What was your last spur-of-the-moment adventure?

Tammy Kling is a life coach, advocate for the homeless, and international author of 29 books including The Compass. Tammy is also the founderr of Write it Out, an organization that helps gang members, the homeless, and those living on the street write out their hopes & dreams via writers workshops, free journals and various other resources.

In addition to writing and coaching, Tammy is a mom of two boys, an avid trail and mountain runner, blogger, and adventure travel writer.

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I'm a book author, homeschool mom of boys, mountain runner and advocate for the homeless. Founder of Write it Out, a homeless recovery program that teaches writers workshops to the homeless and gang members, in order to focus on using the power of words to restore, recover, and rehabilitate.


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